Comparing SEO Vs PPC: Which Is Better?

Aug 2016

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Being an entrepreneur, you always keep implementing new strategies to bring more traffic on your website. Business units are using SEO and PPC as per the needs and requirements of the market situation. Though SEO and PPC are seen as rivals, they can be beneficial even when used together, with their own pros and cons attached with them. This blog will help you to understand the impact these strategies can create depending on the scenario in which your business is operating.

Comparing SEO vs PPC: Which Is Better?

On the basis of investment

SEO provides a better long term return on investment as compared to PPC. If you can attain the first page ranking and consolidate your position, you will get consistent inflow of income. However, this does not bring down the value of PPC. If you are looking for quick results, PPC should be your bet. Your ad will be displayed as long as you are bidding for it. Depending on your business requirements, you can choose any of these strategies for maximizing web traffic.

On the basis of conversions

SEO will bring better results if you will rank better on SERPs for the searched keywords. There is always an element of doubt whether Google will display the page which you have optimized. In case of PPC, you can go for commercial keywords, creating individual ads with ‘calls to action’. You can experiment with the help of split test to check which page is converting more in case of PPC. SEO can give you better conversion if you are ranked at the desired place on search engine pages.

On the basis of brand building

SEO campaign can give you the much needed brand recognition which will establish your brand in the mind of the customers. Organic rankings will give you online brand awareness, brand reputation and brand promotion. Though PPC does helps in the brand recognition, it mostly plays the role of a supporting actor. PPC can facilitate SEO in reaching out to maximum audience and making your brand being accepted by more customers.

On the basis of giving a competitive edge

Plan and implement the best SEO practices for stay ahead of your competitors. Use engaging and unique content which visitors would love to read and share. Do a little research on your competitors and come up with a strategy to beat them. Through PPC, you can create specific landing pages for important keywords which are most likely to convert. You can increase your quality score and reduce the Cost per Click. Mix these tactics well to come up with best strategy for your site.

On the basis of measuring the results

Though according to the Google’s latest move, keywords have to be removed from Google Analytics, website’s ranking still plays a major role in measuring the results. The Google Analytics gives you enough inputs to measure and monitor the result of SEO. Measuring PPC results is easier as conversion tracking and gathering valuable keyword data from Adwords makes it comfortable. Even the offline conversions can be tracked with call tracking.

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