How to Create Responsive WordPress Web Design?

Dec 2017

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WordPress is an online and very famous blogging and website management system nowadays. It is the type of the website creation tool which is written in PHP. Now many companies and blogs, news websites, music, and celebrities are using the WordPress to share and publish their content on the web. The best feature of this website is that it is 100% free.

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As new inventions are taking place every day and every type and size of smartphones and devices are developing, people also want websites which can fit on their device screen, no matter its size.

In this case, the responsive themes are taking place. Their goal is to provide the users with the best experience for the user on every device including computers, tablets, I Pads, smartphones and every mobile device. In the responsive WordPress theme, the website automatically adjusts itself according to the size and the resolution of the screen.

As the responsive WordPress theme is widely in demand, we will give you some basic steps on how to create the responsive WordPress theme, which is given below. Before starting, you will need to check your website’s HTML and CSS structure, with the systems, like, Firebug etc.

The first step is to define the default zoom of your website. With the certain code, you will be able to change the page according to the width of the device automatically.

You have to make sure that all the elements of the WordPress, such as Header, Footer, Body, Main Content, sidebar, wrapper, and menu are turned into the fluid width instead of a constant and static one. This will help in automatically changing the size of the website to the screen.

Next step is to make sure that all the images are scaled to the screen size automatically.

Next is to decide on the breakpoints. You have to confirm to make the breakpoints not device specific but be the design specific. Start by checking from the small screen to the large one. If it looks good on mobile, keep expanding it until the site design looks weird. You must stop there as it is your breakpoint.

The next focus is on Fonts and the content of the website.

Check your website in terms of usability. The responsive theme is not only about fitting the things on the screen. To avoid the collapsible menus, you must hide some elements on the small screen which can only be used with a mouse or hide the part of the page.

These are some of the steps to make your WordPress website responsive easily. Most of the steps are carried out on the CSS program. As the responsive theme is in trend nowadays, it is very important to increase the traffic to your site.

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