Creative Tips For A Strong Corporate Identity

Oct 2015

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The success of a company depends on the overall image of the company in the market and corporate identity elements helps in giving a unique and memorable image to the company. It’s essential for every company to have a strong corporate identity and hence lot of efforts are put to create a strong corporate identity.

Creative Tips for a Strong Corporate Identity

Tips for creating a strong corporate identity:

1) Know your company: First and foremost, it’s important to know all the facts related to the company. It’s important to have a clear understanding of the products, services, target audience, competitors, communication medium to target the audience, current market trend etc.

2) Know your customers: Companies don’t operate in isolation, they require customers, so its pivotal to understand the customers you want to do business with. A clearly defined customer base will help you define your brand and also help in making a good marketing strategy to target these customers.

3) Brand-name and tagline: Brand name is the identity with which it is known in the market and is a trademark of the company. Tagline is also an important part of the identity as it conveys what the business is and what are their goals. So a catchy brand name with an appropriate tagline will help in creating a unique identity of the brand. Also a vision and mission statement helps in clearly defining the overall personality of the company.

4) Visual Images: The first thing audience remember in a brand is its visual images. The logo is important to a company as is our face to us. It’s the image which creates an identity of the company in the mind of the audience. That is the reason companies today opt for professional and custom logo design which expresses the essence of the company. The other designs such as brochure design, letterhead design, envelope design, business card design and other stationary design with a logo on it helps to create a professional image of the company.

5) Consistency: Once the brand is defined and the elements used to communicate it is created; it’s now important to use them consistently to form a clear corporate identity. Displaying your custom logo design and tagline in every communications aspect like stationary, leaflets, website, social media helps to create a strong corporate identity.

A strong corporate identity can be formed by knowing your company, how you differentiate from the rest and projecting them to your target audience in the right way through your visual images. Corporate identity is important for a business to sustain in a competitive market and also for the vigorous growth of the company.

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