Developers Pick The Top JavaScript Frameworks For Mobile Application Development In 2018

Mar 2018

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Mobile Application Development is slowly gaining a lot of importance due to increased usage of mobile phones for seeking information and purchasing goods and services. Thus for every business entity, having a mobile application has become essential. Same way web developers need to have a good understanding of Mobile application development. JavaScript is the most popular programming language for both front end and back end web development.

Developers pick the top Javascript frameworks for Mobile application development in 2018

Our in-house developers have listed out the best JavaScript frameworks for Mobile application development in 2018.

  • PhoneGap : PhoneGap has become a very popular software development framework. It helps you to reuse your existing web development skills to create mobile applications with JavaScript, HTML and CSS. It works as a very smooth medium between your web applications and mobile operating system API’s. With PhoneGap, you can create applications that can be available online or offline.
  • Titanium : Titanium is an open source application development platform that allows you to create mobile and desktop applications using web technologies such as HTML, JavaScript and CSS. Titanium has become very popular and has now become an obvious choice of most of the developers. Applications created using this framework can run across different mobile devices as well as operating systems like iOS, android etc.
  • jQuery : jQuery is a small, fast and feature rich JavaScript library. It has an easy to use API that works across multiple browsers and makes several tasks effortless like documentation, animation, etc. jQuery can be used in two ways- Local Installation and CDN Based Version. In Local installation, you can download jQuery library on your local machine whereas in CDN based version you can include jQuery library into your HTML code directly from CDN. You can easily create custom themes and integrate them with third party technologies.
  • Sencha Ext JS : Sencha touch is the only framework that offers optimal solutions to developers to create fast and impressive mobile applications that work on Android, iOS, etc. Sencha has a lot of useful and creative components that can work efficiently on almost all mobile applications. These components of Sencha make it the best JavaScript framework as it includes high performance, powerful widgets, data packages and advanced mobile charting.
  • Meteor : Meteor is another JavaScript framework that is used for developing mobile applications. It is a free and open source mobile application development platform that allows a fast and rapid prototyping. Meteor has some important technologies that are used for building connected client reactive applications. These technologies comprise of a build tool, curated set of packages from Node.js and general JavaScript community.
  • React : React was developed by Facebook and released in 2013. It has become the fastest growing JavaScript Framework. It is an open source framework that helps developers reprocess the same code on the web and mobile. This platform is helpful to developers to build applications differently for Android and iOS. The developers can easily build mobile applications using JavaScript only with React native. React can be rendered on the server using Node.js and can also be used to power mobile applications. React.js is considered as efficient and awesome for SEO.

The above listed frameworks are very popular and useful for mobile application development. The developers must choose the right framework for building mobile apps. The framework must be chosen on the basis of functionalities and features of each of the frameworks and demand of the project for mobile applications.

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