Did You Make These Common Website Redesign Mistakes?

Jul 2017

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So, you created a business website but you decided to redo it. But, for some reason, you are not getting the results you want. Why is it? It could be because you made a mistake or a few mistakes. So, what are these common mistakes when redesigning your website?

Did You Make These Common Website Redesign Mistakes?

  • Forgetting Functionality While Focusing on Aesthetics

    What is your goal when you decided to revamp your site? It is probably because you want to offer an excellent user experience. This must then be the focus when you redesign your site but you might be tempted to make it great to look at as well. Although aesthetics are important for all sites, this is not really the most essential thing you have to pay attention to. User experience must always be your top priority here once the redesigning process is over.

  • Unclear Purpose

    Why did you plan to redesign your site in the first place? Probably one of the biggest mistakes of many website owners is that they don’t even try to answer this question first before they proceed with the project. It doesn’t make sense to make some changes just because its design has been the same since you started. There must be a clear purpose behind this need to change, whether you want to increase traffic, leads, or customers. Once you have an objective, keep this in mind when planning the design. You should be clear about your purpose so you can do the necessary tweaks when needed.

  • Lack of Content Strategy

    Your redesigning plans are ready, but have you considered whether you will keep the existing site content or not? Don’t forget that it is the content and not the design that will lure visitors to your site. You have to focus on presenting your content in the right way. It is important to design your site according to the content, not the other way around.

    By including content strategy in your redesign plan, you can be sure that your site content will never lose its importance as only the feel and look of your site will change.

  • Using Heavy and Large Images

    While images help improve your site’s appeal, you have to be careful with the ones you choose. Many site owners end up using large and heavy images, which only increase the site’s load time, which then surges the bounce rate. For this reason, you have to make sure that the images you use for your redesign plans are smaller and have been optimized for online use.

  • Not Designing for Mobile

    Finally, when redesigning your site, your target audience should always be your priority. Do you redesign your site only for the sake of desktop and laptop computer users? If yes, then, you better think again. As mobile internet users grow in number, it has become imperative to have a mobile version of your site for its complete and proper revamping.

    The next time you feel the need to redesign your website, make sure that you keep these mistakes in mind to avoid them at all costs.

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