Does Website Design Affect SEO?

Apr 2017

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Search engine optimization or SEO is one of the most important internet marketing techniques which is also referred as search engine marketing or SEO marketing. Most of the people believe that you can achieve your SEO goals simply by searching a keyword which is in demand and ranking your website at the top of search engine. For short term, this may look very effective but in long term, you can easily lose your all website visitors if the design of your website is not enough attractive to keep the visitor on your website for a long period of time.

Does Website Design Affect SEO?

The first thing which a visitor sees when he arrives on your website through search engine result is the website design. If it is not enough attractive and user-friendly then he will leave it within seconds, which affects the bounce rate of your website and many other things in term of SEO marketing. So, having a good built website with amazing web design is important if you want to achieve your internet marketing goals.

Under the following section we will help you to understand how website design affects SEO. This will help you to choose the best SEO Company which also offers web designing and development services. A web developer can help you to achieve your SEO marketing goal if only he has the knowledge about search engine marketing.

The speed of website plays an important role:

A search engine does not rank a website until it follow its webmaster guidelines. The most important thing which has been mentioned again and again in webmaster guidelines is the speed of your website. If you have done everything to rank your website on the search engine but have a heavy website design then you cannot get it ranked on your search engine. So make sure that when you are hiring an internet marketing company who will also develop your website must have knowledge about the link between SEO and website design. For this, you should always choose a web development company who is also offering SEO services as they will have the knowledge about this.

Website design should be responsive for SEO:

Today more than half of the internet traffic access website through different devices which include Smartphones, Ipads, and tablets. To make it easy for them, search engine today only rank those websites in their search result which has the responsive design. So, if your website has an amazing design and its loading time is also excellent but it does not have the responsive design, then you will not achieve your SEO marketing goals. Make sure that your website design is responsive as it is SEO friendly.

The Internal links is not for readers only:

If your website content is linked with other internal pages then it helps the visitors to stay on your website for a longer period of time. Besides just helping your visitors to find the related content, internal links is also important from the SEO perspective. By interlinking your website pages with each other; you can rank different pages of your websites on search engine easily. It helps to index different pages on search engine easily.

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