Drupal Vs Joomla- Which Is Better?

Aug 2016

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Creating a website consists of many elements which have to be considered before coming up with your website. Choosing the right Content Management System (CMS) is one of the major decision which should be taken before building the website. Talking about CMS, Drupal and Joomla are the two most popular options available for blogger/webmaster. Both these CMS comes loaded with their benefits suiting your business requirements. Though these two CMS are having various benefits, yet these have to be chosen depending on the needs of your business.

Drupal vs Joomla- Which is Better?

Comparing Drupal and Joomla on the basis of:-


Drupal– If you are looking for a great-looking website without much hassle, Drupal can help you out with it. You can choose from the various free designs along with plenty of plug-ins to make your site more functional. Drupal CMS brings flexibility for the users for better user-experience.

Joomla– Personalization of your website can be done easily with the help of Joomla CMS. It provides various personal options within the user management area. Various managers such as banner, language, contact and media managers gives you maximum flexibility.


Drupal– Users who are comfortable with using Blogger or TypePad will find it a bit tough to use Drupal. Though you will get better functionality and power, Drupal might let you down when it comes to ease of use. Drupal doesn’t require programming knowledge, you just require some time.

Joomla– Quite similar to Drupal, Joomla also offers more power and flexibility at the cost of usability. However, there are various resources available which can help you to learn from the scratch. You can learn how to use the various features easily and enjoy the flexibility it provides.


Drupal– Right from creating a blog to using the image gallery, Drupal comes with plenty of features. Beginners might find creating the features difficult, but with time, you can customize your site. With so many features to offer, Drupal gives you everything which will make your website more flexible.

Joomla– If you want to customize your website with great features, you should go with Joomla. It allows you to edit, publish and access your site easily. With so many custom features available for you, Joomla helps you to make your site better and functional.

Which one to Choose?

It completely boils down to the needs and requirements of your business while choosing the best CMS. Joomla might be useful for one aspect of your website but Drupal will be required for the other thing. Both these CMS are great for providing power and flexibility to your website. Though both of them are good, they lack on the blogging side. While it would not be fair to compare these two and come up with a winner, still, Joomla appears to be ahead of Drupal. The features offered by Joomla are more and moreover, much easier to understand and implement. Joomla is a better CMS when compared with Drupal if you are a beginner and want more features to make your site better.

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