E-Commerce Mistakes- A Big No No!

Oct 2017

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According to the market dynamics of today there is no need for physical presence to sell products but the need of the hour is a strong website, which can prove to be a great money maker. But maintaining an E-Commerce site requires certain precautions. You may load it with multiplicity of products, different prices to offer, several benefits along with it; but some technical aspects should not be ignored as they can reward or punish the business owner in respective ways.

E-Commerce Mistakes- A Big No No!

Insufficient Product Images

images play a primary role in the decision-making process of a customer. Based on images displayed a customer makes up his mind whether to purchase the product or not. If the images are insufficient to assist the customer’s decision then the business may lose a precious customer at the entry level itself.

Insufficient Product Descriptions

descriptions make it quite easy for the customer to understand the details of the product in terms of product availability, quality, size availability, color availability, instructions on how to use the product. In contrast if the descriptions are not available or are poorly made this might reverse the customer buying experience.

Complicated Check-Out Process

making the shopping experience of the customer hassle free by restricting check out process to a single screen rather than confusing the customer with multiple clicks for the same.

Lack Of Shipping Options

people like to have options in everything. Be it the detailing in their purchase patterns, the colors they want, styles they are looking for, billing options and last but not the least the shipping options in terms of delivery time and delivery charges too.

Inadequate Search Capability

on site search proves to be a blessing when product descriptions are optimized with key words and tags, making it easy for customers when their entire shopping list is sought on a single site itself.

Poor Social Media Presence

the availability of E-Commerce website should be on variety of social media sites though affiliate marketing techniques or PPC techniques or as ad banners etc. your online presence will make your work easy by keeping you easily located by customers.

Desktop-Only Site Design

market dynamics demand responsive websites which are accessible on all devices be it desktop, laptops or smart phones. If the E-Commerce site is s desktop only site then it may fail to reach other users using multiple devices.

No Search Engine Optimization Strategy

your SEO policy can help you stand apart from crowd if executed well. More than just keywords it should focus on how images are tagged, how well up to date the site is. Any falter in these may not be rewarded by the customer.

Poor Site Navigation

poor navigation in the form of hard to find information, lack of adequate buttons, too many font types and colors make the customer agitated resulting in loss of customer and negative word of mouth.

Slow site speed- impact of site speed and conversion rates go hand in hand. User engagement becomes the main key. If the customer has to spend his precious time seeing the loading symbol instead of image of product or cash transactions, then this surely will hamper your image.

Feedback corner

give the customer the liberty to reach out to you when he is in a state of doubt, when he wants to complain or has any grievance. Customer service goes a long way in building brand loyalty and repeat purchases.

E- Commerce sites are rewarding by nature as they help to save costs of physical location, dead inventory, manpower, sales team but if technical aspects of maintenance are not adhered to, then boons may turn to banes anytime.

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