Ecommerce Site Design Trends For 2016 – A Detailed Overview

Feb 2016

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With more than 30% customers making an online purchase at least once a week, this industry is surely the next big thing. With such huge market to tap on, more and more merchants are creating ecommerce websites. As these merchants are not leaving any stone unturned to stay ahead in competition, you have to be one step ahead. The next question that comes in mind is what to do to stay ahead of your competitors? Going for the latest design trend could be one of the key to have an edge over your competitors.

Ecommerce site design trends for 2016 – A Detailed Overview

Some of the latest design trends which will have an impact on the ecommerce industry in 2016 are listed below. These design trends will surely get you ahead in this industry if you will integrate these changes in your ecommerce website.

1. Effect of Parallax

The parallax effect is used commonly these days on many kinds of websites and online stores being no exception also uses it. It is a technique providing horizontal and vertical motion of website layers at different places. This motion give rise to a sense of depth or “faux 3D effect”. This effect makes the page visually more appealing with an improved functionality. With this technique you can present your product in 3D, increase customer engagement and emphasize more on call-to-action strategy.

2. Slow Loading

You should make every effort to reduce the loading time of your website. Use your UI elements properly so that your users will see them only while scrolling, thus reducing the time of your site loading. You can benefit from this technique by making your page load faster and increasing your customer retention rate. You can also increase your CTR by making your store pages richer in content with optimized loading time. This will help you in optimizing pages for search engine crawlers and reduce your bounce rate.

3. Flat Designing

Go for a simple and flat design instead of going for a complex design. A flat website design can help you in many ways to enhance the user experience. With a flat design you can bring all your products to the forefront with more simplicity and clarity. Flat design will make your online store to load quickly and SEO-friendly with reduction of unnecessary styling. Your online store will be cross-browser compatible and scalable on mobile devices. Go for a flat design to make your ecommerce website go one step ahead in the online store industry.

4. Split Screening

Split Screen is going to be the latest buzz in ecommerce website industry. You can emphasize on two different elements at the same time with this technique. With split screen you can display the main product on one side while on the other side you can give a thorough description about the product. You can add images, videos, manufacturer information, etc with the aid of split screen. With proper illustration of your product to the customers, you stand a better chance to close the deal. A well-informed customer is more likely to buy from your online store.

5. Hover Effect

Hover effect is surely going to be in trend for ecommerce websites in 2016. It is a CSS-based technique which is instrumental in changing certain elements when you click on it. It will add curiosity among customers making your website more engaging. It will keep the layout cleaner by showing the UI elements only when they are necessary. You can use it in the product panel of the theme’s front page to give more insights about the products. With simple interface it will surely enhance the usability of your online store.

6. White Space

Your customers would like to go for a simple and easy layout without much complexity. You will have to use white space properly in your website as it is going to be an important element in ecommerce design. Year 2016 will surely see merchants utilizing white space in the best way. You can utilize this space for better product organization by emphasizing on content. It can provide easier navigation as your customers can easily find the most relevant item for them. White space can help you in retaining your customers.

7. Tell a Story

2016 can see a new concept of storytelling as it is gradually gaining its ground and becoming more popular. Use a video to convey everything about your product. It can be an effective tool to communicate your ideas and engage your customers. Storytelling can help merchants to arouse greater interest in their audience about their products. The more your customer will spend time on your online store, more will be the chance of him placing order. Right storytelling will surely yield you better results in the form of more revenue.

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