Has Web Content Writing Really Changed?

May 2016

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Web content writing has undergone many changes with the evolution and development of websites. Though the style and presentation might have changed a bit, the crux remains the same. As in the yesteryears, still the main purpose of content writing is to engage maximum visitors. The content should provide the latest and relevant information to the visitors to make them visit you again and again.

Has Web Content Writing Really Changed?

The concept of content for print media and digital media is completely different. The readers might love to read your content in black and white but would not relish it on computer screen. Reading on screen, be it desktop or mobile is very strenuous and the readers want to finish it as soon as possible. It has been observed that the visitors spend only a few seconds while reading on screen. You can imagine the time frame you have to attract and engage your visitors through your content.

Since the websites are evolving, the web content writing has also adopted some of the changes. Given below are some of the changes which have contributed to better results. Users do not read content online rather they scan. The following changes will enhance the readability factor of your content, making it more user-friendly.

1. Go for more bullet points: Your readers will surely pay more attention to your content if it is properly presented. Dividing your content into paragraphs with more bullet points will make it easier for your visitors. If you will use more bullet points, your readers will throng to your website for gaining more information.

2. Go for making it bold: Use shorter paragraphs for easy scanning by your visitors. Bold the important and useful information and call-to-action buttons. Making them bold will create a stronger impression in the mind of the visitors. Bolder content will engage your visitors more and help your website to become a visitor’s pet.

3. Go for proper headings: Eye-catching and relevant headings for your content will attract more visitors to your website. The users will easily scan the whole page and judge about the relevancy of the content for their use. All the important inputs about your website should be provided with proper headings.

4. Go for priority in content: Your content should follow a top-bottom hierarchy according to the importance of the content. The most important information should be put at the top while the least at the bottom. Your visitors will not read the whole page so you should present the information at the earliest.

5. Go for relevant metadata descriptions: Besides being useful to the search engines for ranking, meta description shows the gist of the content. Proper meta descriptions with relevant keywords will improve the ranking of your website. Integrate meta title and description which will give your visitors every reason to spend more time on your website.

The right content will not only increase the web traffic on your website but also improve your website’s ranking. Though there have been a little changes in the content writing style, the implication has not changed much. Even today content is the most significant factor for the success of your website.

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