How And What Are Search Engines Reading On Your website?

Sep 2017

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Every search engine doesn’t see web pages like the way you do. It can’t process images and translate these into content. A search engine crawls your website through reading the codes created with code languages including PHP, HTML, ASP, and more. A web page that’s made up mostly of images shows mostly blank to search engines.

How And What Are Search Engines Reading On Your website?

There are times that what you see as text on the page is not really text. Several people make web page designs in a particular image editor program and rather than recreating the design as codes, they post their image to look like HTML.

An image of text is not an actual text, it is only a picture and it is not visible to search engines. All search engines may see it as a blank spot where the image is located. This is also the same with video and audio. Several interactive pages that are created in Flash may be invisible to the search engines.

Having pages on website with tons of images and flash animations is fine, yet it depends on your target customers. Image gallery websites want to showcase their images. Nevertheless, it isn’t search-engine friendly. Therefore, if the business model you have depends on being found by search engines, you must think about including several pages with a descriptive text. This makes it easier for search engines to rank and find your website. Adding some text descriptions to the images can also help your website.

Search Engines – How Do They Operate?

Understanding how search engines function will surely take the mystery out of why SEO is important any online business that wants to achieve success. The search engines such as MSN, Yahoo, and Google perform these tasks:

  • A search engine uses programs called spiders or bots to crawl the internet when looking for pages.

  • Once the spider or bot finds and craws a web page, it stores in the database of the search engine. The process is known as indexing. The index of a search engine contains all pages and documents the bots or spiders have crawled.

  • A search engine processes queries. For example, once you go to Google as well as type in the keyword “cheap camping gear” into the search box, this search engine will process your query and return you the results based on what you’re searching for. Millions of such queries take place daily.

  • The search engine’s final function is ranking results. Once you type in the query above, search engines run quickly a sorting equation to see which results it feels are relevant to your query. Algorithm is the sorting equation and every search engine has various algorithms. In other terms, they have several priorities about what pages they think are the perfect match for the query. They perform this big task of choosing the best results in seconds and SEO revolves around making pages that search engines find to be the most relevant and best matches for essential queries.

  • All in all, a search engine works through indexing, crawling, processing the queries, and ranking the results.

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