How Color Psychology For Your Website Design Can Help To Increase Conversions?

Mar 2016

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Never be misguided by the fact that color is only confined to grabbing more eyeballs. In reality it does a lot more than that. It can be a deciding factor why your visitors would either love or loathe your website. Your color combination can make your website a winner among others. Have you ever wondered why a website chooses a particular color? Is it just a coincidence or a deliberate step to pick a specific color for the website?

How Color Psychology For Your Website Design Can Help To Increase Conversions?

Color states a lot about your website and should be selected after proper analysis. Understanding the psychology of color is very good for marketing of your website. Right color psychology can help you to increase conversion rate of your website. Given below are the reasons why color combination on your website can help in increasing conversions. Follow these tips and create a website which can convert maximum leads into customers.

1. Gender

You should keep in mind that the color you are selecting has a significant role to play with the market you are targeting. Since more than 35% of women like blue and men too prefer it, you will find it to be a dominant color in many websites. Depending on the gender you are targeting and their inclination towards a color, color psychology should be chosen. There is no point in designing a website targeting women and using earthy tones which they hate. Select your color after analyzing the target audience who will be your customers.

2. Signal

Each color has a different feeling and sends a different signal to the viewer. For instance, blue stands for trust and transparency while black stands for sophistication. Green symbolizes nature and creativity, this is the reason most of the sites use it for their call to action button. Make sure that your users get a positivity with the color you are using. Your visitors will find your website both interesting and engaging if they will get the color according to their preference. Your color psychology should aim at winning the heart and soul of your visitors through colors.

3. Target Market

The target audience demography and gender should be a deciding factor for your color psychology. Websites which are into the business of catering to the needs of women should use color which attracts them. Luxury goods selling website should use black as it symbolizes royalty and sophistication. Websites targeting the younger generation should use light and funky colors to draw their attention. Green can be used for websites who are into selling natural and healthy products. Select a color that goes well with the products you are dealing and also the market you are targeting.

4. Product

As mentioned above, the color of your website should be selected on the basis of products you are dealing into. Blue can be used for products which deals with the trust factor of the customers. Banking products can be displayed in blue to win trust of customers. Baby products selling website should use joyous and happy color like orange. If you are targeting young generation, go for funky colors as it would attract them more. Ecommerce websites use orange color to draw attention of the visitors towards discounts and offers.

5. Color-Combination

If you will choose the right color-combination for website, there is every possibility that your conversion rate will increase. Do not use loud and flashy colors as beside ruining the look of your website, it also confuses your visitors. Make sure to choose some basic and primary colors which will form the crux of your website design. The combination which you will go for should be soothing and eye-catching for your audience. If you want to increase your conversion rate, it is very important to go for the best color combination while designing your website.

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