How Companies Are Using Push Notifications To Boost Client Engagement?

Apr 2020

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Companies around the world use various digital marketing strategies to increase client engagement as much as possible. Some of these strategies help them, while others just drive away clients.

How Companies Are Using Push Notifications To Boost Client Engagement

When we talk about client engagement, your mind may automatically hover to social media, or email marketing, right? But that’s not the most effective way! Yes, those methods can help you connect with the clients but not get them hooked or take the required actions.

To tackle this issue, many companies are using push notifications to send relevant information to the clients making it easier & informative for them.

You may have received notification from your favorite app about new updates or notifications from your favorite shopping apps notifying you about abandoned carts. Notifications like these make us open these apps or take some action, right?

That’s the power of push notifications!

Below are some of the ways companies are successfully employing this strategy,

  • Sending personalized messages
  • Reminding about the abandoned carts
  • Geo-targeting the customers

Let’s look at these methods in a little more detail.

Sending Personalized Messages

Sending generic messages like
“Hello, we are offering great deals on women apparel. Click on the link & get the best deals! (Link)”
may kill the buzz about your brand. Because what if the customer was never interested in women apparel? What if he’s interested in only gadgets? Then this message will just be a scam for him.

Generic messages do not only kill the buzz about your brand, but also spreads the word “scam”.

But if you’re sending targeted messages then it’s more likely to help customers & even give better conversion rates. Before sending push notifications, it is very important to learn about the demographics.

Reminding About The Abandoned Carts

Some companies have started sending notifications to the customers to remind them of the products lying in the cart. While these kinds of push notifications may not guarantee a 100% conversion rate, it does help companies to get some customers to come back & finish that transaction.

Sometimes it so happens that a customer adds certain products in the cart but then gets distracted by something and leaves the cart as it is. As the time goes on, the customer forgets about the abandoned cart.

This is where push notifications help companies to reach out to those customers and nudge the customers to come back & purchase the products they liked.

Geo-Targeting The Customers

Sending push notifications according to the location of the customers proved to be a really good strategy to get more sales. Imagine you having a real estate website where you have listed the properties all over a state. Now imagine sending personalized messages to the clients according to their current location.

Wouldn’t it bring great value to the customers to get personalized offers, messages, and what not specific to their locations?!

Geo-targeting is not just limited to just real-estate you can use it with your chains of restaurants, hotels, stores, and so much more.


Push notifications is one of the best strategies companies can implement to boost their customer engagement. If done right, they can see an increase in sales too. If you’re looking for the best digital marketing strategies to improve your online visibility then you can always reach out to Smartinfosys.

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