How Important Is Responsive Websites For Your Business?

Jan 2016

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With the world going mobile, your website should be mobile responsive in order to survive in the market. With the user becoming more and more educated and aware about the latest developments in the market, you have to be on your toe in order to satisfy them. User interface being the most important parameter has to be given due importance while creating a mobile-friendly website. In addition to user interface, user experience is also gaining momentum these days as now they are having more options to choose from.

How important is responsive websites for your business?


With more than 1.2 billion mobile web users and increasing each day, you have to put your site actively on mobile. You can always have a simple, clean mobile-responsive website but at the same time you can be sophisticated with the technology. With the number of mobile users increasing day-by-day, you must create a website which is fully compatible with mobile. You can go for a clean and responsive yet classy design for your mobile responsive website.


Thought there are many possible screen sizes which can be chose and designing can be done accordingly, you have to select the best one. Go for a layout which adapts itself seamlessly to any devices on which it is opened. Fluid layout has become the most sought after layout among web professionals. Make sure that many people can use your site at the same time.


Your mobile website must be loaded with functions to facilitate your visitors in their surfing. Nearest store locations, product reviews, product search are some of the basic tools which can be integrated. Your whole website should be easy to navigate with proper column, buttons, tools, etc to make navigation easy and interesting. Functionality will give your visitors everything which they are looking in your website.


Try to be focused on your target users while creating a mobile-responsive website. Analyze your target visitor’s browsing behavior and what makes them go for a particular site again. Try to capitalize on your analyzed result and design your website accordingly. Focus on your what they are looking for while going for a business, you can play with their mind if you can get into their skin.


Do not be tricky by hiding the contents from the mobile users. If you have something available for the users on the desktop, all of this should also be available to the mobile-users. Do not remove your content believing that putting your content on the mobile will be tricky or it is too much for mobile layout. Make sure that everything which is visible on main website is also available on mobile website.


Mobile-website should be designed taking into account that it is going to be worked upon using fingers and not mouse pointers. Fingers can be of different shapes and sizes and so your mobile responsive site should be such that it can used by all. Too much of pinching or zooming to tap on a button on the site will annoy your user. Inaccurate taps on the website specially on smaller devices also creates a problem for the users and should be accounted for while developing it.


Using different tools will make the work of the website designers easy and comforting. These tools if properly integrated in your website, user’s experience will be enhanced and enriched. Tools like HTML compressor, CSS minifier, CSS compressor, Jpegtran, etc are some of the very valuable tools which must be incorporated in your mobile-website. Use right tools to create the right impression on the users of the website.

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