How is React Native Emerging as the Future of Hybrid Mobile App?

Sep 2018

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Nowadays it is increasingly common for apps development to be done for both iOS and Android in a single version. However, until very recently, it was necessary to develop two completely different code bases to achieve the same result.

How is React Native Emerging as the Future of Hybrid Mobile App?

React Native: The present and future of multiplatform apps

What is React Native?

React Native is a framework that uses JavaScript and React to create applications on iOS and Android, only programming once. Based on components, like ReactJS, React Native has many libraries that can make life much easier when it comes to developing apps.

Using React Native, we can take between 60 and 80 percent of the code, because although not everything is compatible with both operating systems (iOS and Android) at the same time and sometimes you have to program specifically for each one, we can share a large part of its content on both platforms.

Being based on Javascript, we can take advantage of the great versatility of this language and use NodeJS for the backend, which allows the same developer to act as a full-stack, that is, create both the front-end part and the back-end part of the mobile application. Integrating React Native with NodeJS is relatively easy since, as we have said, both frameworks are based on Javascript and can also use the NPM package manager.

Native Applications are very Profitable

The construction of separate applications for different platforms is difficult, extensible and expensive since it requires completely different ecosystems. For Android applications you will need to have knowledge in Java, Android SDK, etc. If you want to develop for iOS, then you will have to learn or hire specialists in Swift or Objetive-C and Cocoa Touch.

In addition, developers will also have to learn more complicated tools from each ecosystem that includes packages, libraries, testing tools (Testing) and many more. Each of these technical and skill requirements makes it difficult to build two separate applications. Generally, in these cases a client or company must hire two different development teams.


Companies, Startups and Organizations have solid proofs that confirm that around 80-100% of the code for mobile applications built with React Native allows them to create iOS and Android applications using only Javascript and is controlled by talented Javascript developers around the world, reducing the costs of resources for development and expanding the range of work with your selected team, company or developer.


The quality of the applications, the ease of development, the richness of the platform, the ecosystem and the huge returns make React Native a viable solution for the development of mobile applications.

If you are looking to reduce costs and accelerate development time without compromising quality or performance, you must find a good developer at React Native, since the great community and the great growth you have had these days will make you benefit incredibly of the properties of this library.

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