How NOT To Design A WordPress Blog

Jul 2020

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Most often the developers who are developing and designing websites choose WordPress, as it is one of the most popular CMS platforms. For websites, people just choose WordPress without giving a second thought. But what about when you think of developing a personal blog or website blog? As WordPress is quite popular, it is natural that you might be using it to design the blogs as well. Some of you might already be using it.

How NOT To Design A WordPress Blog?

When it comes to creating and managing a blog through WordPress, there are certain points that you must avoid while designing or developing a blog. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a WordPress beginner or if you’ve been using WordPress for years, you cannot be completely perfect.

Not To Choose The Wrong Platform:

It might happen that developers or designers make mistakes while choosing the right WordPress platform for blogging. The success of the WordPress blog generally depends on the platform you are using. There are two WordPress platforms; and Choosing will give you full control and is the right option for anyone serious about blogging.

Not Using The Right Theme For Blog

It is considered being the common mistake blog developers can make while working on the designing aspect. The theme design always has a huge impact on the success of your blog. The theme of the blog should be elegant and clean so that your visitors/ readers do not have to struggle to find what they are looking for. If the right themes are not selected then it will definitely crush user experience, therefore it is always better to take advantage of the themes offered by WordPress. Pick the right theme from the beginning and then stick to it. The selection of the blog theme would be important so that you won’t be wasting your time to change the theme repeatedly. Pick a theme that looks good on desktops but is also mobile-friendly. The theme you choose must be easily customizable and flexible based on your needs.

Not Using The Right Image:

It is quite common that you would use lots of images in your blog, including the header image (if the blog theme provides). Before making use of any image, you must understand that most of the images available on Google have copyright. You need to have proper permission of using the copyright images in your blog. If you do not want any such issues, you can get high-resolution images from online sites such as,, and They provide free stock images.

Not Creating Regular Back-Ups Of The Blog:

While you are designing your blog, you must never ignore the necessity of creating regular backups. It is essential to ensure that you create a back-up of all your data so that you can access them if your site gets hacked. You might lose data and entire designing work in different ways, like when updating or installing plugins. WordPress provides various free back-up tools to help developers with data back-up. Make sure that you back-up your work before making any significant changes. You would not want to lose your work by forgetting to take this vital step.

Not Running WordPress Updates

Most often people assume that running updates is bothersome or takes too much time.

Therefore, it is common that developers neglect to run WordPress updates regularly. It is a bad idea to do this. You might be thinking why would the developers spend countless hours ensuring you have the relevant updates if it is not essential? The most important point that you must understand is that updating your WordPress blog will give you access to the latest security features which will protect you from hackers. You also get the benefit of any significant changes that the developers come up with.

Disregarding Image Size

Pay close attention to the size of the images you want to upload on your WordPress blog site. Some of them are very heavy and will affect the responsiveness of your site because you will use a lot of bandwidth. A fast website will also help with your Google ranking.
Not Integrating Google Analytics

You must have a way of monitoring the amount of traffic you get on your website. Knowing what content your visitors gravitate towards will help you with the generation of relevant content. Google Analytics offers you the monitoring functionality, thereby allowing you to measure performance and put in place appropriate strategies to improve the experience on your page.


Here, you can see that we have shared with you quite a few points that you must focus on while working on your WordPress blog page. You need to pay attention to these errors because they could impact on the overall success of your site.
Take advantage of the support on the platforms and the community forums to get solutions to these problems. Otherwise, go ahead and generate exciting content on your website and see the traffic to your pages increase. Also, research on how to monetize your website so that you can make extra cash.

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