How To Avoid 5 Common Mistakes Of Your Website?

Mar 2016

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A business website is the need of the hour if you want to compete in this market. Your website will play an integral part in the marketing and branding of your company. Since the importance of a website is manifold, there should not be any flaw in its various aspects. Design being an important factor for the success of any website, has to be given utmost importance. Given below are some of the tips which can be used to avoid common mistakes of your website.

How to avoid 5 common mistakes of your website?

1. Check for Spelling and Grammar Errors:- The last thing which your visitors expect from you would be spelling and grammar errors on your website. Your business website would appear to be unprofessional and unreliable if you have grammar and spelling errors. There are many visitors who would not mind these small things but there are many others who will take it as offensive. They will not link to your website, subscribe to your updates and leave your page considering you to be unprofessional. You should check each and every word precisely so that your visitors will get flawless content.

2. Easy Navigation & Internal Linking:- Nothing annoys a customer more than a complex navigation. Every visitor wants to have a clear and easy navigation so that surfing throughout the website will be an easy exercise. Usability is a very important factor of your website and should be given due importance. Internal linking also plays a crucial role inHow To Avoid 5 Common Mistakes Of Your Website? guiding your visitors throughout your website. It ensures that all the areas of your website is available and can be reached easily and quickly. To ensure easy navigation create a focus point with strong, bright colors with large fonts. Use proper description wherever needed to make it easier for visitors to take decision.

3. Use Social Sharing Buttons:- The world is changing and so are its dynamics. Social media has taken world by storm with millions of commuters being active on these sites. The commuters want to share and like if they find something worthy. Make sure that your website is active on all these social sites so that you can tap this huge market. Sharebars, social buttons, floating widgets for liking, tweeting, pinning, e-mailing and many more are various ways to interact with people. The more you will involve yourself with social sites, better it will be for your site conversion. By including the various social sharing buttons as mentioned, you will get maximum traffic and business.

4. Integrate Proper Call-to-Action (CTA) Buttons:- Without proper call to action buttons your website will not be able to convert the visitors into customers. There is no point generating fair amount of traffic if the traffic is not guided to the ultimate buy button. Your CTA buttons should be clearly visible and attractive enough to make its mark among the text. Invest fair amount of time to design and position the right CTA buttons at the right place. Make sure that your CTA buttons are triggering the buying decision of your visitors. By making your call to action stand out from the rest of your page, you can generate more business.

5. Reliable & Interesting Content:- The whole and sole of any website is its content. You can attract your visitors by your design but reliable and authentic content is a must to keep them engaged. The only way you can urge your visitors to spend time on your website is by providing them with latest and interesting content. Create unique, fresh and engaging content to involve more visitors. More visitors will flock to your website if you will give them the content they are looking for. Do not keep too much or too little content on your website as it can nullify your purpose. Allow visitors to write comments and feedbacks as it will help you to improve further.

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