How To Choose Colors For Your Brand That Move People To Action?

Jul 2016

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The first thing that is noticed by audience about your brand is the color. Being the first visual element of your brand, color should be selected after proper analysis. Fonts, shapes and design does make an impact but color is the first thing that your customers will notice. While the right color selection will make you a winner, choosing the wrong color will ruin the whole purpose.

How To Choose Colors For Your Brand That Move People to Action?

The business owners usually commit a mistake by not experimenting with colors and stick to the usual conventional colors. Though there is no harm in using conventional black and white color, using various other colors will add more appeal to your brand. You will have to come out of your safe zone and try out something new to create a stronger impression on the audience. It becomes even more bigger mistake if you are not using colors online which is absolutely free. It doesn’t cost you anything to build a colorful website which is both beautiful and appealing. Use the various colors available online for gaining maximum attention from your visitors.

Why To Take Color Selection Seriously?

A rough estimate suggests that color increases the attention span and recall by 82%. This figure itself is self-explanatory to the kind of impact it can create on the audience. Audience associate the brand color with your business and if you can do that easily, you can make them loyal to your brand. You can build brand awareness for your business by choosing the right color for your brand. You should create and use a color palette consistently so that it becomes the face of your business.

How To Decide The Color For Your Brand?

Taking decision on the color which you will use for your brand is a daunting task. A lot of brainstorming is done before coming at a final decision about your brand color. Before finalizing your color, you should understand whom you are targeting and what action do you expect from your target audience? Getting answer to these two basic questions will give you a fairer idea about which color to select for your brand. While deciding on the action, you would like to ask these questions to yourself. The answer to these questions will help you to decide the color that will give you more visitors vis-a-vis more customers.

  • 1. Are you expecting an appointment from them after noticing your brand?
  • 2. Are you awaiting an opt in from them to your email list?
  • 3. Are your awaiting a buy from your audience?
  • 4. Are you looking at them as your future workforce?
  • 5. Are you willing to go more formal by asking them to sign a petition?

The color selection should be based on the actions you would like your audience to take. Since these actions are completely different from each other, you should select a color which is in tune with the action. Select the color which seems perfect for your business and accentuate your visitor’s actions with the right color.

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