How To Choose Your Ultimate CMS Website?

Jan 2016

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It is always better to make proper planning before doing anything. Even while going to the grocery shop, you carry a list so that you do not forget something. Why can’t the same thing be applied while going for your content management system. Choosing the best CMS based website can be a tricky exercise. With so many options available such as wordpress, joomla, magento, drupal, etc you might get confused without a proper planning. Choosing a content management system can be tricky. Without a clearly defined set of requirements, you can be deceived by the various fancy functionality which is both costly and not fit for your use.

How to choose your ultimate CMS website?

The complete checklist which should be referred before going for a CMS website is given below:-

Core functionality should be atleast present

You should atleast focus on core functionality like creating, deleting and editing pages while going for CMS. It should not be taken for granted that all CMS provide this core functions. For instance, though most of the blogging platforms allow owner to manage and organize pages, there are a few which does not allow so. You should first choose the basic functionality which you are looking for in your CMS website. Though there are many content management system present in the market with basic functionality, they vary in their usability. Go for a trail test before finalizing your CMS.

The editor is of prime importance

One of the most important feature of CMS is editor. Traditionally most of the content management systems use WYSIWYG editor. It is a tool in the hand of user which helps in adding and amending content. New age editor has much more relevance as it is used for marking headings, lists, links and other elements. Before selecting your CMS, you should ensure that all your requirements are fulfilled by the editor in your CMS. Nowadays, more appropriate solutions have come up instead of editor to make the whole content management process an easy and comforting task.

Manage images and files in the best way

Your images and files should be managed in the best possible way to ensure that no technical issue arises. The bad management of these important attributes can lead to poor accessibility and usability. Choose a CMS that allows you to add tags to images and further provide you with image editing tools like cropping, resizing and rotating. Your content management system should allow you to upload and attach PDF files without a problem. Go for the basic requirements but have a future prospect as well.

Search feature should be duly considered

Search is one aspect which can be instrumental in your website’s visitor experience. More than half of your visitors will be using this feature while looking for relevant content. Your search functionality should be fast and exhaustive to display everything to the online visitor. A speedy and thorough display will boost your website performance. Go for the best search option to get into the good books of your website visitors.

Customization is the key

Your CMS website should be fully customizable so that it can be modified and used according to the user’s needs. Your content management should not be over-powered by technology rather it should be manually controlled by the user. Choose a content management system which allows full flexibility as far as content retrieval and presentation is concerned. Flexibility is the only thing which will make your CMS stand out from the rest in the market.

User interaction is taken into account

Your CMS should give you adequate opportunity to interact with the visitors. Gathering user feedback should be the an important aspect of any CMS website. Tools used for communicating with customers, news feed and RSS feed should be properly integrated in the website. Managing users should also be done in an effective way. You can interact with your users through emails, customize the fields depending upon the functions provided by your CMS.

Multiple website support is given

With the latest trend of running multiple websites from the same installation, your CMS should provide this facility. You might not need it presently but this will surely be required in the future. With your decision of targeting a narrower audience, you can easily switch from one website to the other with the same installation. You can also create a separate website exclusively for mobile as mobile web is increasing at a phenomenal rate.


While considering the various features available is important, there are other issues also which needs to be taken into account. The reliability of the service provider, support, accessibility and security are some of the major things which should be taken into account before choosing your CMS. Go for the best CMS website which serve all your needs and comes at a pocket-friendly price.

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