How To Convert Your Desktop Website Into Mobile?

Mar 2016

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The evolution of smartphones has taken the world by a storm. More and more people are using mobile phones for surfing the internet these days. As far as popularity is concerned, mobile devices have overtaken desktop. If you are having only a desktop supported website, it’s high time for you to go for a mobile website. The designers should understand the essential elements of mobile website designing.

How To Convert Your Desktop Website into Mobile?

Better user-experience should be your aim while designing your mobile website. Though there will be many things which can be translated easily, there will be quite a few which will be tough to translate. The designers should understand what specific adjustments have to be made while designing for the small screen. Some of the most important things that should be kept in mind while converting your desktop website to mobile are mentioned below.

1. Go for minimalism design

The mobile users would be looking for a minimalism design while surfing your website. Minimalism offers both usability and looks giving your visitors best user-experience. Minimalism design ensures that your users get everything what is essential to them. Your users should get every detail about the product or service so that they can take their buying decisions. The less important things can be placed lower on the page but all the buttons which can trigger the buying decisions should be clearly visible. Since the mobile screen is much smaller as compared to the desktop, make sure that the translation is done in the best way.

2. Embrace Hamburger Menu

One of the most popular feature on mobile screen is the hamburger menu. While converting your website from desktop to mobile, designers should take into consideration the look of the website. It is the best choice designers have for downscaling the navigation menu. This menu allows the designers to open up more navigational choices with every selection like flipping pages. While taking lesser space on the screen, this menu gives you more choice to display your products.

3. Move to a single-column

While designing your website for mobile you should always go for simple layout instead of complex designing. Going for single-column pattern is always good for smaller screen to operate. Your visitors are saved from cumbersome horizontal scrolling which is always good for them. If you want to display a lot of information on your website without any complexity, single-column layout should be used. Your website users can read the content easily by scrolling down using their thumb.

4. Mobile Friendly

Having a mobile website is not good enough, you should always consider the various aspects of mobile as well. You should take into consideration various specific adjustments which you have to make for small screen. Make your mobile website stand out both in look and feature as well. Right from the minimalism design to single-column layout, everything should be taken into consideration. You have to keep in mind that whatever you are doing should benefit your visitors. Adopt all these tips to give your visitors the best user-experience on their mobile.

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