How To Fix 5 Common Blog Design Mistakes?

Apr 2016

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There would be many instances when you will visit a blog but leave the page quickly because you will not get what you are looking for. Even if you have the most interesting and engaging content, the design of the blog page would matter a lot. You should make sure that the functioning of your blog for your viewers is easy.

How to fix 5 common blog design mistakes?

Designing a blog page is not enough, you have to make it both attractive and interactive for your viewers. While designing your blog, you might commit some common mistakes which will ruin the purpose of your blog. Listed below are some of the mistakes which should be avoided to get the best from your blog.

1. Navigation menu is not friendly

The navigation menu is there to facilitate your readers to navigate through your blog. Use it properly to help your visitors surf through all the important pages. Do not include irrelevant links as it would not only confuse but irritate your viewers too. Keep only the links which are most important and relevant to your visitors. Add pages like your about page, products, services, contact, etc in the sidebar of your page. If possible, group your blogs into topics using categories and subcategories. By categorizing your blogs you can help your viewers to find the most relevant blog for them.

2. Sidebar is Cluttered

Your sidebar should be designed in the best way to give your blog page a professional look. A cluttered sidebar will result in giving a disorganized look to your blog page beside confusing your readers. Whatever items you are integrating on your blog should have relevance to your readers. Beside confusing your readers, all the unnecessary widgets on your blog slow down your website. You should delete old ads and banners. Display the most important widgets at the top of your sidebar. If there are important items which needs to be included but there is lack of space in the sidebar, use the footer of your page.

3. Fonts are in too many numbers

Though fonts are amazing and enhance the overall look of your blog page, you should be cautious while using it. Since there are so many beautiful free fonts available, make sure you do not get carried away. Use the font which is absolutely needed and meaningful for your blog page design. Using too many fonts in the blog design will make it look messy and unprofessional. The posts and blogs on your page should look cohesive in their appearance. Select 2 or 3 fonts and stick to it to give a clear and better vision for your viewers. Go for a style guide so that you can keep a consistent look for your blog and images.

4. Text is uneasy to read

The sole purpose of keeping content on your blog page is to make your viewers read it. If your text appears too difficult to read for your readers, they will surely skip it. Small text is used now but it is not going to be used in future since 12px font size is not easy to read. Use proper background color as squinting might not hurt your reader’s eyes but will surely annoy them. Though small fonts look good on minimalist websites having less text, it might not be a good idea to use it in blogs. Use a font size of 16-20 px and have a contrast effect between font color and background color. To further facilitate your readers, split your text body into paragraphs with proper titles and subtitles.

5. Share buttons are used

Sharing is the best way to reach maximum readers around the globe. The more number of times your blogs would be shared on social media sites, the more popularity it will gain. Try to integrate share buttons wherever it is required. The best bet would be to integrate your share buttons inside your posts so that your reader can find it easily. There are some themes which come loaded with pre-built share buttons unlike WordPress. If you are using plugins on WordPress, you can place your share buttons wherever you need through your settings panel.

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