How To Improve Your Local SEO Strategy?

Jun 2016

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With the ever increasing competition and urge to finish first, websites are doing everything possible to beat each other. Local SEO can be instrumental in increasing your website ranking if various tactics are implemented effectively. It is becoming one of the essential components to every business and brand that wants long-term success across search engines. Listed below are some of the recommendations which should be implemented for best local SEO results.

How to Improve Your Local SEO Strategy?

1. Company Profile

Your company profile plays an important part in improving your local rankings. You should secure your Google My Business page with updated information which should keep changing with the change on your business. After deciding your important details, you should create content that can be used to optimize the page.

2. Third Party Visibility

You can connect with hundreds of potential customers if you will get your business on websites which offers local listings such as Yelp, Yellow Pages, Bing, or Refer Local. These local listing sites can direct several locals to your business. You can also showcase your business on travel sites like Trip Adviser, Expedia and Orbitz to target tourists and guests.

3. Link Building

Internal linking is not enough for your business, you will need several popular and prominent websites linking back to you. Getting links from various major local-friendly websites like Trip Adviser and Yelp can help to gain higher ranking. External link building should be duly considered if you want to get maximum from local SEO.

4. Social Media

Every time someone from the million users of social media likes, shares or follows your post, your website gains credibility. Social activation is extremely important as it sends a social signal to search engines which helps you gain credibility on your third party website. Join maximum social platforms and interact with local followers on a regular basis.

5. Local Content

You will surely get overwhelmed if you will see the number of businesses who have listed themselves on the local listing sites. You can get ahead of them by adding local landing page content to optimize the search engines. Creating content comprising of keywords such as your location and your service will boost your website ranking.

6. Content Quality

If you want to gain higher rank for your website and consolidate your position, content is the only way out. Relevant and informative content is the key to optimizing the web page. Do not overstuff your site content with keywords as it is not good for SEO. Use content which will be useful and appealing to your local customers.

7. Keywords

Keywords can prove to be a boon or bane for your website ranking. Choosing the right keywords is very important because it can bring your website up or can push it down. The search engines are designed to recognize pages which have proper keywords. If you want to go higher on SERP, proper selection and insertion of the keywords is a must.

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