How To Increase The Time Users Spend On Your Website?

Jun 2016

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The more time visitors will spend on your website, better it will be for your business. The website should have awesome, original, engaging and relevant content to keep the visitors engrossed. Visitors will flock to your website if they will find your content informative and engaging. Loyal customers will visit your site again and again in search of latest information which they are looking for.

How to Increase the time users spend on your website?

The whole idea of increasing the average time spent by the visitors revolves around giving them what they are looking for. You can easily increase the time visitors spend on your website by following the simple tips listed below.

1. Your website should be user friendly

The first and foremost thing which can gain or lose visitors on your website is the UX design. Being user-friendly is the need of the hour in this competitive world. Your webpages should load quickly with clear navigation buttons. The visitors should be clear as to where they are directed by the links. All the sections on the website should be easy to find by your visitors.

2. Your website should have cross-linked pages

The website should be properly linked internally. All the blogs/articles pages must have links directed towards the pages of products and services. Internal linking is very important in encouraging people to read through pages and staying longer on your website. Besides reducing the bounce rate, it also gives you an opportunity to take a lead for sale.

3. Your website should be analyzed

Proper analysis of the website before putting it to test is very important as it reveals many missing aspects. Since you have spent several hours building your website, do not leave anything on chance. Ask your friend or colleague to examine your site, being an outsider he will take all the parameters into account which you might have overlooked.

4. Your website should have a blog section

Blog is the best medium to add original and fresh content to your website. This addition of content keeps visitors engrossed. You can use this platform to set yourself apart from other competitors. Allow your blogs to be shared on the maximum number of social network sites. You will get repeat visitors through blogs while comments and feedbacks will build relationship with customers.

5. Your website should have a forum

Adding forum to your website can attract numbers of daily visitors. If you have expertise in some field, you can get hundreds of thousands of daily hits from various visitors while bringing your website in the spotlight. You can add RSS feed as well if you want as it is relatively simple and straight involving little maintenance.

6. Your website should have an image gallery

You can surely increase the time which visitors spend on your website by adding an image gallery to your website. Use high-quality images to enhance the visitor’s engagement on your website. Visual display will help you to connect with your customers more effectively. Make sure that the images are optimized as heavy images may lead to slow uploading of the site.

7. Your website should have video

This simple trick can help you in adding time which your visitors spend on your website. Just add a video and engage your visitor. You will add value to your website through this extra communication channel. Relevant and optimized video can open your business to a wider audience which will increase your business revenues.

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