How To Increase Your Site Traffic By 55% With On-Site Blog

Jul 2014

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Getting more traffic is the forefront challenge for any website over the Internet. There are millions of websites in web-o-sphere and among them, thousands are your competitors targeting the same audience in your niche. So what to do? How to get out of the rat race and make sure that your website outperforms all your competitors.

Fortunately there is a way. Blog.

It is proven that blog can increase your traffic up to 55%. Due to emerging Internet trends and agonizing search algorithms emphasizing on informative nature of websites, it has became quite necessary for every single website to have an on-site blog to get higher rank and more exposure in terms of online traffic. We ourselves have tried it at Smartinfosys & have got amazing results with our blog.

This encouraged us to try this strategy with our SEO clients & we got the same results for them too. However, it didn’t happen suddenly. It took more than a month to get ripen fruits with our blog. We tried and tested various different ideas and have finally come up with infallible strategy that ensures you that your website traffic will double up in less than one month with your on-site blog. You don’t have to do much hard work for it except generating quality content.

6 Steps To Double Up Your Website Traffic With An On-site Blog


1- Have a light-weight, user-friendly blog layout

Getting an on-site blog is quite easy whether you are using a framework like WordPress or a custom website. Get your webmasters to design a light-weight, user friendly layout for your blog and implement it on your website to create an on-site blog. You might have noticed that our blog is quite sleek and speedy. Thanks to our webmasters, we have it.

Here are few simple tips to ensure good loading speed with your blog:
– Don’t overload layout with graphics, use plain colors to fill background instead
– Minify HTML, CSS & Javascript
– Reduce number of server requests
– Reduce amount of heavy content (e.g.- Videos, Images etc.)
– Compress image size before uploading them over your site

2- Choose topics that relates to your business

Essential purpose of any blog over a website is to educate and interact with users. So basically, if your website is for selling outdoor goods, you blog is expected to post articles that encourages users for outdoor camping, educates them on how to be safe while outdoor camping and  so on. When you choose topics that relates to your business and covers the concerns of your customer, it will add some great benefits to your site as follows:

– More relevant content
– More probability of search ranking
– More targeted traffic
– Industry expert reputation etc

So write only posts relevant to your business that interests your users. Emphasize on quality of content rather than quantity.

3- Do basic keyword research for every new post

No matter how great your content is, it won’t work magic if it is not searched for by users. So before you write any post, better to do basic keyword research as it will help you identify what people are exactly looking for which you can provide them and which are the exact words you can target for.

So the question is how to do basic keyword research? You can’t do in-depth research for every single post while on the other hand, you can’t ignore importance of keyword research.

At Smartinfosys, we use search engine auto suggestions to instantly generate keyword ideas. For example, if I want to write a post that can be abstractly something like “how to save money”, I will simply go to search engines, type-in the phrase and list out all suggestions that pops up automatically in my auto suggestions (see the example images below).

Blog post Keyword Research

One simple tool you can use that gives you aggregated search suggestions of multiple search engines at single place is Soovle. To understand how it works, see the image below.

Keyword research with Soovle

With this tool and a simple post idea- “How to save money”, I have more than 10 different keyword phrases people are already looking for on wide scale. There may be exactly the same post already available on some another website but if you write credible content, you can easily beat others and rank among top results.

4- Create most credible content

As you have found what people are looking for, you can now start researching for that topic, and even better if you are already expert at it. So basically, all you have to do is, research in-depth, breakdown your idea into a methodically appealing structure, outline your idea and write the post in readable format with all supporting media that can help your user better understand it and implement it.

If it is about introducing a new product, make sure you have enough videos, reviews and relevant links in your posts that engages your users for longer time.

Basically, by credible content I mean your content should have following characteristics:
– Clear, readable format
– In-depth research
– Relevant & appealing title
– Summary-Body-Conclusion format &
– Rich media to support the content


5- Reach out your audience

In initial days of your blog, you won’t be getting tons of traffic easily. You will have to build traffic over time with continuous flow of useful and valuable content. After each blog post, be sure you share the newly published content with popular social bookmarking sites, social media platforms and also with famous sites in your niche that allows submitting user generated content. You can also comment on relevant articles on other blogs with a link to your new post.

Overall, reach out audience through all available channels within 1-2 days of your new blog posting. Make sure you do:
– Ping search engines for your new post
– Bookmark your new post on popular sites
– Share on social platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & so on
– Email your subscribers
– Email industry influencers


6- Be patient & keep it up

This is probably most demanding phase in running a blog. Due to 200+ algorithmic factors for search ranking and heck of competition, it would definitely take a long time to see your site on top and to drive lots of traffic with your on-site blog, but you have to be patient. Even if you are not getting full dozen visitors, keep writing and posting great content on regular basis. Definitely it would take time, but within almost month and after few dozen posts, you will start seeing your blog posts on top SERPs, given that, your content is valuable, in-depth, engaging, share-able, unique and specific to your niche.

If you are a business who depends a lot on its website for branding and selling, be sure you have an on-site blog. A blog can increase your reputation as well as popularity among your users apart from better search rankings. Make sure all your content is error-free, structured and grammatically sound and if you can’t do it yourself, hire an experienced SEO blog writer. For sure, you will get twice and even thrice your investment for your blog. Good luck!

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