How To Make Your Website Visitors Push The Buy Button?

Mar 2016

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There is no point many online visitors coming to your website but none of them is converted into customer. All your marketing efforts of popularizing your products or services will go in vain if you will not get customers. This blog will help you in taking certain steps which will encourage your visitors to buy. These steps if taken will surely make your visitors to push the purchase button.

How to Make Your Website Visitors Push the Buy Button?

1. Clear Product Offering

Your offering be it products or services should be clear in the minds of the visitors. Your online visitors should not have any unanswered question in their mind which will restrict them from buying. Since your visitors is away from the actual product, you will have to give them every detail regarding the product. After getting all their questions answered, your website visitor will surely push the buy button. Do not leave anything to imagination or guessing, give solid and concrete reasons to the potential buyer for buying your product.

2. Build Sense of Urgency

Your online visitors get an ocean of offers from various competitors. In order to engage and urge your visitors to go for your product, you will have to create a sense of urgency for your offering. You can include a countdown timer, offer a limited sale or deal of the day. According to a rough estimate, you can increase around 8.6 percent of your sale by giving a limited period offer to your visitors. Your potential customers should get the feeling that it will be a loss for them if they will not purchase the product immediately.

3. Create Trustworthiness

Being not available literally, your visitors will buy from your website only if they trust your brand. Your website should instill confidence in your visitors so that they push the purchase button. The first and foremost thing that you should do is to make yourself available to them through contact information. Show the reviews of the satisfied customers on your page to win the trust of your visitors. Also show your achievements and certificates of authenticity to further reassure your credibility. Build trust to reap the fruits of growth and development through more sales.

4. Never Confuse

Do not distract or confuse your customers at the moment when they are about to hit the buy button. The last thing which your customers would welcome is distraction at the last moment. Avoid integrating various options such as email newsletter signup, social widget and links. You can use them if you want but not at the cost of buy button. Your visitor will get annoyed and might leave your page. In this way you will lose many of your potential customers by distracting them with unnecessary elements just at the time of purchase.

5. Clear-Cut Policies

Avoid any kind of misleading information in your company’s policies. Even not informing clearly will be equal to misleading. If you have a ‘No Return’ policy, mention it clearly on your website. It would be absolutely not acceptable to sell and then reveal the company’s policy. Make sure that everything related to the company’s policies is mentioned in the FAQs section of your website. The better informed and convinced your visitors will be, better will be the chances of generating more revenues through sale.

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