How To Protect Your Business From A Bad Web Hosting Company?

Jul 2016

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Choosing the wrong web hosting company can not only decrease your profits but it can bring down your business’s reputation as well. Your decision can either help your business to grow or it can ruin its growth potential. Keeping your site up and running 24*7 will ensure that your visitors can access it anytime. If you are struggling with frequent downtime, it’s time to change your web host. Making yourself available all the time will bring more visitors and profits to your business.

How to Protect Your Business from a Bad Web Hosting Company?

Take your time and do proper research before choosing your web hosting company. Select a web host which offers you services at affordable rates and has a great reputation in the market. Since you are taking your business online, availability is the key to success. Take your decision after analyzing your business needs and requirements. Listed below are some of the tips which will protect your business from a bad web hosting companies.

The blacklisted Ips should be avoided

Web hosting companies who have blacklisted Ips should not be considered. Web hosts get blacklisted on account of their bad reputation. If you will choose one such web hosting companies, you will be blocked by other providers due to your IP. Scrutinize your web host’s IP address before signing up for the services with them.

The primary domain should be registered with a different party

It is important both from the feasibility and security point of view that you register your primary domain with a different registrar. You can switch easily from one web host to another in future without any issue. If you will go with the free domain registration available with the hosting package, you will have to wait for release of your domain.

The trial period should be long

Trial period which is offered by the web hosting companies is an important factor while choosing them. The longer trial period you will get, better it is for you as an entrepreneur. Go for companies who will give you maximum trial period with complete money back policy. Always keep the option open for switching your web host in case you are not satisfied with the service.

The Payment methods should be easy and secure

The payment being one of the most important and concerning area, should be dealt properly. Make sure that the payment method you are selecting is hassle-free and secure. PayPal can be used for payment transactions as it is both easy and secure. Make sure that you are not charged if you want to cancel the booking. Use PayPal credit card or debit card as for making payments.

A comparison with other various web hosting companies is a must to get the maximum at the least price. Going for less expensive web hosting companies is good but you should not compromise on quality. Regular backup of your website is necessary. Also use strong password which should be changed at regular intervals to avoid hacking issues.

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