How To Reduce Bounce Rate On Your Website?

May 2016

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Higher bounce rate on website can be the most frustrating element for any business website. It’s like the feeling of almost coming first in the race and then suddenly called disqualified. When your visitors are coming to your website but are quickly leaving your page, it can be a warning signal for your business. A rough estimate says that around 40% is the average bounce rate for a website. However this figure may vary depending on the industry your business belong to.

How to Reduce Bounce Rate on Your Website?

Though higher bounce rate is disappointing for you as a website owner, it also indicates that something is wrong with your website. The sooner you will fix these issues, the better it will be for your website. The visitors will spend more time on your website, thus the conversion rate can be increased. There can be various reasons which can contribute to the bounce rate of your website. Right from the navigation to the design, you will have to keep everything in-tune with the latest technology to enhance the user-experience. Some of the ways of reducing the bounce rate is listed below.

1. Right Audience should be Attracted

The targeting of your audience is very important as it can bring down your bounce rate. Make sure that the right set of keywords are used on your website to attract the relevant audience. The right audience will find it easier to connect to your website and increase your conversion ratio. Pitch for the exact product in which you are dealing in order to help your customers find you easily for that product.

2. Site Navigation should be Reconsidered

Your visitors will leave your page without going to another page if they will not find the content they are looking for. Keeping the navigation easy and simple with proper use of white space can enhance the user-experience. Use relevant images and large call-to-actions buttons for reducing your bounce rate. The navigation should be such that it leads your visitors in the right direction without any ambiguity.

3. First Time Visitors should be Targeted properly

As new visitors are greeted properly in the case of a real store, you can also engage your new visitors. There are several Audience Targeting tools available which will help you to show different messages to different visitors. Target your first time visitors with the right content which will encourage them to spend time on your website. You should encourage your visitors to take action without disturbing their content experience.

4. Engagement should be increased with Content Recommendations

This tactic is very useful in showing the visitors what they are looking for. There are several Content Recommendation tools which can be used for deeper site engagement. These tools track the online activity of the visitors and highlight the most popular and relevant content for them. These tools can encourage the visitors for their next click. It has been noted that these tools drive around 50% higher click-through rates, thus increasing your conversion rates.

5. Mobile-Friendly is a Must

Responsive website is a must for reducing your website’s bounce rate. More than 40% of the internet users are searching for the websites on their mobile devices. If your website is not optimized for mobile, it is bound to have a higher bounce rate. While creating your website, you should keep in mind that it should be responsive in nature. There are millions of websites present on the internet and if your website is not present on mobile, your visitors will surely leave your page.

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