How To Select Web Hosting For A Small Business?

May 2016

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Giving your small business an online presence will surely boost your business sales and increase its credibility. If you are planning to take your business online, selecting the right web hosting company can bring the difference. It can be the deciding factor between your website acting as a client magnet or a client repellent. Choosing the right web hosting service provider will be instrumental in giving you a leading edge over your competitors.

How to Select Web Hosting for a Small Business?

Before selecting your web hosting service company, you should be fully convinced regarding its various attributes. Some of the important things that should be taken into consideration are given below.

Shared Hosting Options

The least expensive among all the other web hosting packages, this is always a good option for small businesses. As it is a shared hosting platform, many websites are hosted at the same time on the same server. The kind of control it offers to you as an owner of the website is limited as compared to other hosting packages. The speed and the functionality might differ since your resources are shared by many websites.

Dedicated Hosting Options

The most expensive but at the same time the most powerful and fast web hosting solution. You should go for it you are expecting a large volume of traffic on your website. It allows you to have full power and control over your server. You do not have to share your resources and bandwidth with others. Since you are the sole owner, it offers you the most smooth functioning of your website.

Virtual Private Server(VPS) Options

If you want to enjoy the freedom but at the same time are concerned about the cost, this is the best option for you. It gives you more power and control than the shared hosting at less price. You can get the power to control and still host other sites on the same server at the same time. If you expect more traffic on your website than VPS can be a better option for you at a much cheaper rate than dedicated web hosting.

Better Reliability and Uptime

Before going for any web hosting company, check the reliability factor and uptime of the same. Read the various reviews and feedbacks about the company before making your decision. Always go for a web hosting company which guarantees you 99.9% uptime. A web hosting company which has positive reviews from the past and present customers will give you more confidence. Choose the company with gives you more reliability and availability as a service provider.

Amazing Control Panel

You should review the various control panel options which different web hosting companies are providing. There are companies which provide complete control panel for accessing all your files, upload pages and checking other features. You can easily add other add-ons and plugins for better performance of your website. If you will have an extensive control panel, you will manage your website more easily without using FTP and other coding issues.

Larger Bandwidth

Go for a web hosting company which offers unlimited bandwidth usage depending on your business needs. Always read the terms of use carefully before registering for the service. There are companies which will not mention every details in the beginning and start charging you more as your usage increases. Make sure that you are not caught in the web of boastful advertisements, be certain about everything before selecting the company.

Supportive Customer Service

The after sale service which the company provides should also be considered while choosing the right web hosting company. The significance of customer service increases even more in case of small businesses. Go for a company which caters 24 hours throughout the year support service. The support staff should be efficient and polite while dealing with your issues. Quick and reliable customer support service will help in resolving all your web hosting problems.

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