How To Use Content Marketing And Improve SEO Ranking

Jul 2016

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Can you take content marketing lightly after knowing the fact that around 62% content marketing professionals consider website traffic as a measure of their success. The first step towards bringing positive changes in your SEO ranking is taking your SEO content to the right audience. The right content should meet the right audience so that strong impact can be produced. There are many elements which should be considered before finalizing your strategy regarding content marketing.

How To Use Content Marketing And Improve SEO Ranking

Some of the most useful tips which will help you to formulate the most effective content marketing strategy are given below. These simple yet important measures will ensure that you are following the right track which will improve your SEO ranking.

1. The Content Should Be of High-Quality

With the change in its algorithm, Google has started emphasizing more on content. The quality content on your website will attract more visitors. The new search engine techniques have ensured that only unique, relevant and engaging content should rank higher. Moreover search engines have started loving visual content more than static content.

2. Use of Relevant & Specific SEO Keywords

The relevance of keywords is manifold when it comes to bringing your website higher on SERP. It is no secret that relevant keywords must be used in the various tags of your website. Besides being relevant to your business, the keywords must also be effective so that it can boost your website’s ranking. Avoid over-stuffing of keywords as it might lead to penalization of the website.

3. Right Keywords In Your URLs

If you want to stay ahead of your competitors, you must try something which they are not trying. Besides using keywords in your tags, you must also use keywords in your URLs for better rankings. Most of your visitors will decide to visit your website on the basis of your website’s URL. Use short and readable URL without any dash, random letters, numbers, etc.

4. Mobile Friendly Website Design

The mobile users have surpassed the number of desktop users when it comes to visiting your website. If you are not present on mobile, you are giving your business to your competitors. The mobile users are easy to convert if they find your website to be user-friendly. The navigation should be made easy so that it urges visitors to visit your website regularly.

5. Your Website Should Load Fast

According to a rough estimate, more than 50% of the users expect your website to load within 2 seconds. Even if you are having the best of design for your website, if it takes a lot of time to load, it will never attract visitors. You must optimize the various files and images of your website so that it loads quickly.

6. Proper Promotion of Your Content

Gaining maximum online visibility is the key to get more customers. You will have to promote your content on various platforms so that it reaches maximum viewers. An effective online content marketing strategy is a must for better promotion. You can write guest posts on influencer’s sites and interact with your social media fans and followers.

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