Importance Of On-page Optimization For Your Website

Jan 2016

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Creating a good website is not good enough, you should also make an attempt to make it visible. In this world of web revolution where hundreds of thousands sites are created everyday and the search engines are bustling with them, you should make sure that your website appears first on the search page. In order to grow your organic traffic you should optimize your on-page techniques.

Importance of On-page Optimization for Your Website

Some of the On-page techniques which will help you gain rankings and grow as a business are listed below.

Keyword Optimization

Do not overstuff your site with keywords. You can use keywords for important on-page elements like the heading, page title, image alt tag and also throughout the page but do not use them excessively. The whole idea is to use keywords wisely so that they appear at the right place. Use keywords which are most relevant and used according to your site. The volume of organic traffic you will gain depends on the kind of keywords you have selected.

URL Structuring

The first thing which a search engine uses for a page rank is the URL. Selection of the right URL is of utmost importance as it is directly responsible for your website ranking. A short and descriptive URL help search engine to crawl your page easily. You should categorize all your pages with distinct and unique URL so that all your pages get indexed by the search engine. Your right URL can give you the visibility you always craved for your website.

Page Title optimization

A title tag should always be used in order to get your page displayed on internet. An optimized title tag tell the searchers and search engine about the information available on the page. Your title tag should be short, crisp and descriptive not exceeding the limit prescribed by different search engines. Always keep your keywords towards the start of the title to get more importance from search engine while ranking your page.

Heading Tag Optimization

Heading tags are important to make your searchers and search engines understand about the topic of the page. Use the most important heading tag in the <H1> bracket, next heading tag in the <H2> and so on. Heading tags are significant in telling the search engines about the importance of content used in the page. Choose your heading tags properly to make your page visible to both your visitors and search engines.

Alt Tag

Even after giving proper heading tag for all your images your images might not get visibility over the internet. Add keywords in the image alt tags and file name so that search engine can easily crawl your images and show them to your visitors. Adding alt tags to your images will ensure that all your images are displayed whenever a searcher enters the keywords mentioned in that.


You should always go for quality links from reputed websites. Google always prefers links from different sites as a ranking parameter. More inbound quality links you will get for your page, better it will be for your site ranking. You should ensure that your inbound links are growing in numbers and are coming from reputed sites.

Website Speed

Website loading time is also a significant factor in ranking your site by the search engines. Your visitors get annoyed if your website takes a lot of time for loading. Make sure that your site gets loaded quickly so that your visitors do not switch to your competitor. Do not use lot of images, clunky coding, many plugins as these are really detrimental for your website speed. Ensuring a high speed website will attract both searchers and search engines.


With the increase in smartphones and internet, more than 40% of your visitors are visiting your website from mobile. Your website should be mobile-friendly so that search engine can rank your website higher. Creating a mobile responsive website will help you gain both better ranking and more web traffic. With the world going mobi-way, you will have to ensure that your site is present and searched on mobile.

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