Important SEO Decisions You Need To Make Before Designing Your Site

May 2017

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If you are planning to design a website for your company then you should need to take many decision for SEO purpose because in the long run it is going to benefit you. You can leave all these SEO decisions to internet marketing company who also offer web designing and SEO services if you are not much aware of these things. Because tne best SEO Company knows how to work. They do not need to think from the beginning about these SEO decisions when they start designing a new website.

Important SEO Decisions You Need To Make Before Designing Your Site

If you plan to do web designing by your own, then you should consider taking the following SEO decisions so that you can achieve your company’s objectives effectively:

Selecting a web hosting company for minimum loading time

Selection of a web hosting company could be difficult. If you have purchased hosting from a company which is not very reliable then your website may face loading time. Search engine and users do not like slow loading websites. So before designing and developing your site, you need to make sure that an excellent solution for web hosting is available.

Incorporate targeted keyword in domain name

SEO mostly starts from the keyword. Incorporating keyword in domain name actually, increases the chances of getting ranked on the search engine. So make sure that the domain name you are purchasing for your website must have a keyword in it.

Design of the website does matters in SEO

The design of website always matters in term of SEO. A search engine like those websites which has a flow in design. So before you actually start designing the website, make a sketch of your design and see whether it’s SEO friendly or not.

Designing website for user only or search engine too

It is true that we design websites for the users but if you want to achieve your SEO goals, then also give preference to the search engine. Read webmaster guidelines by Google before you start designing website. This will help you to understand and avoid the mistakes.

What are our competitors doing for internet marketing?

Looking at competitor’s websites can give you so many ideas. Do not copy them but get inspiration from them. See that how the top ranked websites on your target keyword has designed their websites and what make them different due to which the search engine is ranking them.

Are we designing the website for local SEO purpose or global?

If your target market is local then you need to consider about local SEO before designing the website. Your website would then have totally different theme, language, currency and even the design. Also, SEO marketing techniques are used differently if you are targeting the local market. You need to consider about all these before developing the website.

How do we map the website with internal links?

Internal links play very important role in search engine marketing. Before website designing, you must design the map of your website. This will help you in internal links when you develop the website.

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