Is Non Responsive Website Design Preventing Your Business Growth?

Apr 2016

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In today’s fast era where mobility has become more of a necessity than a fashion, it’s tough for a business to survive without a responsive website. With maximum people switching to mobile, mobility has become a norm. Creating a responsive design for your website is the need of the hour if you want to tap maximum customers.

Is Non Responsive Website Design Preventing Your Business Growth?

Now the question comes, what is a responsive design? In simple words, it is the capacity of the website to transform itself according to the size of the screen. Responsive website design provide users the best viewing and navigation experience across all type of devices. Around 40% of your traffic is generated by the smartphones and this number is going to rise in the coming future.

With the increase in the usage of smartphones for several purpose like online shopping and surfing, the need for a responsive website is at its peak. Building a responsive website should be the top priority for any business be its small or big. Though the importance of having a responsive website is paramount, around 45% businesses still do not have a mobile-friendly website. Roughly 30% of business owners consider that responsive website should be given top priority. When it comes to online shopping, the significance of responsive website is even more. Approximately 67% of the online shoppers prefer mobile for shopping over desktop.

While designing a responsive website, you should take many things into consideration. There are some major points that should be taken into account for giving best experience to your users. Some of the major points to remember are:-

1. Since the website will be accessed on mobile, it should be designed for fingers. The user should be able to reach the navigation points and click them easily. The buttons and click items should be placed in a way that it could be triggered easily. To bring the maximum effect, avoid using cramped up navigational elements. Fancy hover effects should also be neglected while designing the website.

2. The last thing which your visitor would prefer is a slow loading website. Since your visitors would surf you on the go, your website should be fast to enhance their experience. Your visitors will quickly jump to your competitors if your website takes a lot of time for loading. Create a responsive website which loads fast to attract maximum customers.

3. The layout and font should be clean and simple to draw maximum traffic. The content and images should be designed in a way which adjusts to any screen on which it is opened. The screen size should not create a problem with resolution. You can use scalable vector graphics for delivering crisp layouts across all kind of devices.

Not having a responsive website might be preventing your business to grow and develop to its capacity. If your business is still not having a responsive website, this is the right time for you to have one. Building a responsive website for your business should be your top business priority today. Responsive website will help your business reach new heights and success.

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