Keep An Eye On Upcoming Web Design Trends For 2020

Nov 2019

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In today’s exciting world wide web, one aspect that never lets go is change and more so with the web where change is inexorably highlighted with each passing day. If yesterday, the web design dictated that the keyword density of 2% is the defacto standard for optimal web design, while today the importance of the same is no longer looming large.

Keep An Eye On Upcoming Web Design Trends For 2020

Similarly upcoming web designs all lean to a simplistic design which is what indicates the shape of things to come in today’s web design industry.

The upcoming design trends in brief include:

White Space and Minimalist Design:

It was observed by the industry that if the content is interspersed with white space giving some additional breathing space and limited color palettes are what the industry is expecting at the moment of presentation of your content. This decision has little to do with the appeal of the content as much as it has to do with key optimization snippets such as fast loading speed as well as better responsive design. The low-key design has got much to do with key optimization techniques that will shoot your web page higher up in the rankings.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Contextual Marketing:

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been concentrating almost on all industry verticals with automation taking prime seat by using Analytics in analyzing user data and deciphering user intent and chat-bots are mimicking user conversations with computer programs. AI is also hell-bent on creating compelling content and telling stories that resonate with customers. AI and ML (Machine Learning ) also familiarize users about topics that will drive user engagement with common examples being Hub-spot and Concurred.

AI also helps readers with more feedback in the form of personalization and delving into user search dynamics that gives relevancy a huge shot in the arm. User clicks on the contextual advertisement in SERP leads directly to the landing page integrated with CTA (CALL TO ACTION) button. Using AI in the site makes the site reach out to users humanely without any negative repercussions. Thus Contextual Marketing is all about enticing customers with tailored content and related to circumstances during the visit intent.


Voice technology is experiencing rapid growth due to the introduction of smart speakers such as Alexa of Amazon and SIRI of APPLE. These Assistants have transformed our lives quite convincingly offering us a seamless digital experience on the go. As technology is moving many shades faster, we will experience faster check-out in online purchases Thanks to the influence of VUI on UX.

Interactive Content:

Websites should be able to pull the audience towards them by focusing on interactive content that is in real time with attractive illustrations and trendy sketches dominating the content. This manner of presentation is next only to video content that has been the biggest draw in 2019.

Video Background:

Video Background is leading content with compelling engagement that has made itself the highlight of these years most popular content. Video content gives a good first impression to the visitor who comes knocking at your premise with videos dominating content, as the king of all content types.
There are no two ways about it. One is that companies are leaning towards a minimalist design as noted and the second being that video background in the content is what draws eyeballs and drives engagement.

So the trends this year in web design dictate in not bypassing a simplistic design and concentrate on the rudimentaries in design creation and marketing.

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