Latest Mobile Application Development Trends In Ecommerce Industry

Feb 2018

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Mobile applications have become a rage in the last few years and it has become a need for every business to get a mobile application developed. This has become more important for ecommerce business due to several reasons. Mobile applications have ease of use, save time, can be customized as per customers and many other benefits which may not be available from an ecommerce website.

Latest Mobile Application Development Trends in Ecommerce Industry

With technological advancements in every area, mobiles are not far behind. Mobile Application development will see a lot of new trends in the coming year and due to that there will be lot of changes in the ecommerce industry. Let us look at some of these mobile application development trends that will help the ecommerce industry.

  • Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP): AMP was introduced by Google with the intention of improving the loading time of website on mobile devices. It was introduced as a new search index for mobile platforms. AMP will help the developers to rapidly process the websites and apps that take a lot of time in loading. This will improve the performance of mobile devices along with the reduction in bounce rate. This will be a good introduction in terms of SEO.
  • Access of Voice Search: A customer centric environment will be seen in the coming years and maximum weightage will be given to convenience and ease of shopping of customers. Voice search will be a great trend in terms of online shopping and will free the customers from the hassle of typing and searching for their desired product. In fact, voice search will make it easy to find their desired products even when they are walking, driving or are involved in any other activity.
  • Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR): Mobile applications have been trending and more so with the introduction of AR and VR in ecommerce industry. They will soon be taking a lead in the market in comparison to other trends. We will see a transformation in the ecommerce mobile applications as there will be enhanced customer engagement because of the AR and VR. Shopping from the virtual store from any corner of the world will be possible with this trend. AR and VR are sure to benefit the users with Easy Shopping, Faster Payments and hassle free Checkout Process.
  • Mobile Wallets: Mobile wallets have been in existence for a few years but will be seen trending more in the coming years. Mobile Wallets give an ease from the stress of carrying cash and or cards to make payments. Mobile wallets are very secure and it is easy to make payments against online purchases. This trend will see a rise in the future.
  • Social Selling: Social Media Marketing is a boon to ecommerce industry. It has opened a gateway to reach a large number of people and good revenue can be created through social media platforms. There are so many benefits of social media platforms to ecommerce business. A lot of marketing and selling can be done on social media platforms easily and at lower cost.
  • Analysis Prediction: With the help of machine learning and artificial intelligence, we will be able to predict the next situation and future results. It will help ecommerce business to get an estimate of the future business by analysing the official data and market results of the company.

Many of the mobile application development trends discussed above will be game changer for ecommerce industry. An ecommerce business owner must keep an eye on these trends and adapt them into the business and get the best outcome of them. It will help boost the current positioning of the company and help beat the competition in the market.

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