Magento Vs Shopify Vs OpenCart- Which One To Choose And Why?

Aug 2016

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With a phenomenal rise in the number of online shoppers, more and more business houses are entering this market. Since more people are entering as sellers, online business is booming like never before. Entrepreneurs are building their online store to enlist and trade on the web. The customers are benefited as they are experiencing a quick, hassle-free and discounted shopping from the comforts of their home. With this trend growing rapidly, many software and tools have come up to facilitate you. You can create your own ecommerce website according to your requirements and budget.

Magento vs Shopify vs OpenCart- Which One to Choose And Why?

The next element that drives your attention is the selection of cart system. Since there are many shopping cart available, you need to be wise while choosing yours. There are many cart systems which can turn your website into a beautiful online store. With beautiful designs and powerful features, these cart systems gives you control over architecture, payment gateways, speed and security. The three most popular and important cart systems are mentioned below to help you taking the right decision for your business.


Being one of the most popular and loved open source shopping cart, Magento is amazing with its power and functionality. It gets a big thumbs up from most of the project managers while setting up an online store. The open sources community is the reason behind it being so dynamic and diverse with its features. You can almost achieve everything with the right development skills with this free online shopping solutions. If you want less complexity and keep things simpler, you can opt for Magento EE. If budget is not a constraint for you, Magento should be your choice for online store.


Being a paid ecommerce solution, Shopify attracts people who want to build online store without compromising on quality. Shopify gives a robust online shopping experience with a quick setup having all the relevant and necessary features. The security system and tons of features it provides, makes it an appropriate online shopping solution. You can customize your theme as per your needs. If you are looking for an open cart system with less hassles, you can opt for Shopify with various add on features. It is advised to read the pricing and plans properly before giving your final nod.


The above two ecommerce solutions are useful for big business houses but not for small business owners. Opencart provides a fast and pocket-friendly online shopping solution to its users. You can set up your ecommerce website with Opencart at the minimum cost and time. You can add any number of products and categories. The multilingual and multi currency support is provided to make customers feel at home around the globe. The three factors which have contributed towards the success of Opencart are its affordability, clean interface and simplicity.

It’s entirely your decision to choose the best online store solutions out of these three, depending on the needs and requirements of your business. The selection of cart system also depends on the technological know how of your team. If you have limited technical knowledge, Shopify should be selected. However, if you have a technically sound development team, opt for Magento. If you are willing to start your online store within next hour, choose Opencart. Choose the one which suits your business needs and budget as your decision will create an impact on your business.

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