Make Your Site Stand Apart From The Crowd With These Tips From Our Style Gurus

Oct 2017

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There are hordes of websites in the market each trying to gain attention of eyeballs and competing with one another for search rankings and viewership. The onus for making websites stand apart from the crowd does not depends on designing but it depends upon “marketing efforts”. Each website is different from the other in terms of their looks and content presentation, a simple sober website may gain attention due to the rigorous marketing efforts invested from the back of the stage. Similarly, a uniquely designed website may not be able to fetch well in the market and fall flat further going down its search engine rankings.

Responsive Website – A site enjoys bag full of advantages when it is mobile friendly because todays generation is becoming smarter with the use of smart phones which completes any given task in a jiffy. When your website is not available on the mobile phones then it shall prove to be a major drawback as youngsters do not prefer using old technologies like desktop or laptop to reach you.

Social Media Presence – The name and brand of your company shall be present on social media sites as they give you the reach to a larger number of audience instantaneously. Social media presence will give you an edge over other companies who are lacking to use this tool.

Keyword Search – Keywords are the links that customers use to search for their requirements in web browsers. Associate your website search with appropriate keywords so enhance your chances of visibility in search engines. Gauge or find out what your customers search for and optimize your site for these words and phrases.

Quality Content – Generate quality content in terms of blogs and articles to keep your site updated with content material which is usually beneficial for the customers. It may help them increase their knowledge, tell about the use of the product or features of the product etc. people seek a lot of fresh information every day and if you give them some food for thought they may return again and again to your site.

Newsletter – Keep your audiences updated with your activities, awards or accolades won or some corporate social responsibility undertaken through newsletter. This will add to your credibility score and shall help targeted users to become leads and future clients of business.

Encourage Comments And Feedback – Your site is incomplete without customer reviews in the form of comments or feedback. These act as social proof and give a badge of “reliability” to your site.

Engage With Customers – Any comment in your website’s chat box should be responded on an immediate basis. Being personable does not mean you have to give out your personal details, you just have to be present round the clock to address to customer queries as means of customer engagement. This gives a personal touch to your impersonal site.

Our style gurus say- the techniques of making the website stand apart are quite simple but all belong to the marketing area and the team efforts of marketing department shall make all the difference for making you smarter than your competitors instead of lemming.

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