Most Common CSS Mistakes Every Web Designer Must Avoid

Apr 2017

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In website designing, CSS language plays the most important role because it brings life to design of your whole website by adding different types of styles. But some website designers make many mistakes when they design a website with the help of CSS. We are sharing the list of some of the common CSS mistakes which the web designers must avoid.

Most common CSS mistakes every web designer must avoid

Doing CSS for one browser only

Website designers usually do coding for specific browsers only due to which users who are accessing websites on the different browser does not enjoy the same design as it should be. So, as a website designer or even a website designing company you should test the coding of a website on different browsers. Also, take care about the mobile browsers which usually work slightly different than computer-based web browsers.

Using excess amount of CSS codes

You can enhance the design of your website by adding different types of CSS coding. Even with new CSS language, you can now design pictures and internet animation with the help of CSS but doing it in excess can cause many problems. Not all browsers support all type of CSS codes. Adding so many CSS codes can make your CSS file very heavy due to which the loading time of website gets disturbed. So keep it simple but great.

Website designers still using classes

Classes in CSS language is now considered old because it does not get support from all website language and website browsers. So, replace them with IDs because IDs help the web browser in accessing my elements faster including DOM components.

Do not break down CSS files

Adding all type of CSS codes in one style of file is not a good idea because it increases the loading time of the file. In case of disconnection of the internet, only the code which has been loaded works. So, it’s a better idea to break download your style file in multiple files so that they all can be downloaded quickly and the user can see the website in its original design.

Assigning the wrong name to sectors

You can name the sectors in CSS whatever you want to but giving them lengthy names just to remember the effect increases the size of the website. For e.g. Instead of using home-page-header, use home-header.

Adding unnecessary space in CSS coding

Many website designers add unnecessary space in CSS coding. Some people do it to remember the style and line but it is very unprofessional. This not only make CSS coding file lengthy but heavy as well.

Overstock CSS with web fonts:

Adding fonts can enhance the overall look of the website but overloading CSS with website fonts is not a good idea because they need to be loaded on 3rd party’s server. So, add minimum website fonts and try to focus on operating system fonts mostly.

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