Must Have Practices For Minimalist Website Design

Mar 2020

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In today’s time when minimalism is trending, the less has become more. Wherever you look be it on social media or websites, designers have moved to content creation with minimal elements.

Must Have Practices For Minimalist Website Design

Minimalist approach has become quite popular these days. Now, it’s more about how you, as a designer, can optimize the space on a web page.

A web page should not only be optimized for the right space but also be eye-pleasing to the user. You should also keep in mind about the user-experience while building a website.

But how will you create such a website? Well, creating a website that requires minimal efforts to navigate through, and the one that helps the users to focus more on important elements, requires you to understand the minimalistic approach.

This is what we are targeting in this article! So, let’s take a look at some of the minimalist features that you can utilize.

Get Creative With White Space

White space, or negative space, is a pivotal element of your design that can have a huge effect on your site’s appeal. Using white space in a smart way may land you a stunning website that appeals to your customers.

Did you know? Two websites selling the same stuff can have different sales rates just because of how they appeal to people.

An overcrowded website with no or very less white space may confuse customers where to focus. Resulting in ineffective sales pitch even through great CTAs (call-to-actions)

Whereas a simple website with proper usage of white space will enhance the appeal of your site and will help your customers to easily navigate through important content.

For creating a good minimalist website, using white space in the right manner will be quite helpful.

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Use Large & Vivid Photos

Visuals attract attention effectively. So, using a large & high-definition image on your homepage is a sure way of creating a buzz about your website.

Remember, the more visually you present, the more attention you grab. Use eye-pleasing images that resonate with your business model or the products you sell. The more relevant image you will use, the more connected the people will feel towards your brand.

Focus On Typeface

Fonts are the basic elements of your website. They effectively affect how your data is going to appear to your visitors. Fonts will even affect your web design so learning how to perfectly use typeface is helpful in building the perfect minimalistic web design.

Styling the fonts to match the theme of your website, or the overlay image will positively impact your web design. Get more creative and use colors that best describe your branding.

You can make a statement by using the perfect typeface that brings out the best in your website.

Using a large typeface can be very helpful too. To understand more about the importance of large typeface, read here: Understanding Importance Of Large Typeface In Website Designing

Optimize For Lesser Elements

Minimalistic websites are all about using less, and gain more attention. So, what’s the best way to achieve that? By keeping only vital elements and removing the rest.

For example, you can ditch the traditional menu and employ the Hamburger menu instead. This will give you an advantage to use large and vivid photos on your homepage and ditch cluttered menu style.

Changing some basic elements can contribute to creating a stunning minimalistic website.

Summit It Up
Minimalistic approach can take you places. And the methods we talked about in this article are just a few ideas, you can get creative and create a totally different approach to create an appealing minimalistic website.

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