Your WordPress site is getting hacked – What should you do?

Category:Web Design & Development

Getting hacked is the greatest fear of any website owner. No website is immune from attacks even though WordPress is a safe platform. Your site is more vulnerable when you do not take the necessary measures to protect and secure it from hackers. If your WordPress website is hacked, you can still recover some of your lost data and still protect your site from future attacks.

What should you do to secure your wordpress site

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Every Business Must Subscribe to 10 Must-Have Google Tools to Promote the Website

Category:Internet Marketing

Website development is now easy, thanks to website builders who do their best to build successful sites for web users. However, it is not easy to make a great website in a teeming space, particularly concerning the significance of website SEO.

top 10 google tools to promote your business website

It is necessary to select a suitable web hosting service if you must build a successful site, and there are many tools to utilize. Google has toolkits that can help you, and there are up to ten Google tools to know about and take advantage of, as seen here.

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5 Best WordPress Themes You Should Be Using In 2022

Category:Web Design & Development

The potential of the online world is increasing at a rapid pace. According to the recent stats, experts have revealed that thousands of new websites get launched every day across the globe. Irrespective of the type of business, it is essential to have an online presence. In today’s society, the target audience wants to trust your businesses based on their online presence. If your business has an official website or social media presence, you are trustworthy and reliable.

Best WordPress Themes

Therefore, businesses want their website to be the best and most attractive. The online platform must have the potential to capture the attention of the target audience. What framework will you choose for your business website? The most common answer is WordPress.

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15 Reasons Why I Would Use Shopify To Start My Own Shop?

Category:Web Design & Development

Shopify is a platform that has everything a new entrepreneur needs to start a business. It is affordable and quick. As a result, you should use the Shopify platform to start your shop.

15 Reasons Why I Would Use Shopify To Start My Own Shop


Shopify Development

Shopify is an online platform good for business. It has many features that can help improve your business. Below are 15 more reasons to start your shop using Shopify.

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