Points To Consider While Making Split Screen Design For Your Website?

Apr 2020

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The world is going online. Each and every business needs to make an online presence to maintain their position in the business world. You might find every business house having a website with different layouts and web designing. In case your business website has more than one primary goal than having a split-screen layout is the best thing you need to do. Split-screen is considered to be an unconventional website design solution when you want to give equivalent importance to both.

Points To Consider While Making Split Screen Design For Your Website

Most of the website owners and web designers are praising the Split Screen design despite the fact that it has literally broken one of the oldest UI design rules. The Split-Screen UI design works great and has several advantages.

Split Screen web design layout

  • Helps in engaging the target audience
  • Improvising the UX on mobile devices. With split screens web design, you can easily improve the mobile visibility.
  • It helps in increasing the focus of the target audience only on specific content.
  • It provides a web design look and feels that creates a unique experience.
  • Works on the aesthetic quality of the website.

1. You Must Focus On Building Minimal Design With Various Contrasting And Vibrant Colors:

This might remind you of the concepts of cards. Using contrasting colors help in separating different parts of the website and working out the minimalistic design. In this way, you can easily grab the attention of the target audience. To make the website look more appealing, use the colors of your brand logo. It will be beneficial in making your brand more memorable. In addition to this, the content should remain above the fold.

2. Remember To Create A Flow Between Two Different Parts Of The Website:

As per the split-screen layout, the two parts should be distinctly different from each other but there has to be a flow between the two parts. You can say that there is a need to have a connection. This can create an impression of the website where there is a flow of visuals from one part to another.

3. Call To Action Button:

Business owners or website designers must understand that the split-screen layout would be an awesome solution for different homepages that generally act as landing pages. Along with this, there should be a call-to-action button. You can have more than one or two call-to-action buttons such as sign-in, log in or newsletter subscription. To draw the attention of your target audience towards the call-to-action button, it is very important to have a minimalistic design and a combination of the right colors on your website.

4. Effective Web Design Landing Pages With Split Screen Layout:

If you want to design effective landing pages or homepages, it is very essential to target on providing a better user experience. You can show side by side selectable products or options. If you desire to show your products through the split-screen then do not hesitate in using a combination of colors to grab the attention of the people. Moreover, you can blend animation and visual effects to show the smooth transition or flow of the content.


A split-screen design layout is a modern approach where you can show different but connected content on different screens. In this web design layout, the main screen is divided into equal parts with minimal design. You can make the best use of split-screen when you want to have a functional and responsive website that can generate user engagement and drive traffic. So it is very important to consider all the above points while you are designing a website with the split-screen layout.

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