React Native – A preferred framework for building native apps for Android and iOS

Aug 2018

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Native applications are the applications that are created for a particular platform such as Android or iPhone. Android applications are fundamentally written in Java. What’s more, the iPhone has its own language Swift or Objective-C. Native applications are very favored by application distributors due to their progressed UI interactions, native feel, look, and high usability.

React Native - A preferred framework for building native apps for Android and iOS

There are a few tools which are used to build an Android or iPhone application which boosts the speed of development without utilizing the native script. But, sometimes at the cost of performance.

React Native is a perfect option for building the Android and iOS applications which feel at home on their platforms.

React Native enables mobile application developers to write one set of code and create a set of distributed Native applications. It is a great solution to manufacture cross-platform applications without trading off the UX (user experience).

Initially, React Native was intended for iOS, but because of its massive achievement and popularity, Facebook chose to build up the support for Android also. Being an open-source system, React Native enables you to create both iOS and Android application simultaneously utilizing one codebase, prompting lower development costs.

Portable application developers dependably get frustrated when they need to wait for an application to order. With React Native, aggregate times have been decreased a lot. It will give you a fantastically liberating experience when you gather the application. Also, you can add record watchers to reload the application automatically while sparing a document. This means, everything in your record will be automatically updated, and you’ll get the results instantly.

Supported and continuously pushed forward by a tremendous development community. React Native is a mainstream application development system. An enthusiastic team of JS and native designers are accessible to share their insight and expertise. Additionally, you get a great collection of uninhibitedly accessible components.

The React Native system is perfectly tuned to cell phones which makes utilization of the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit), making the Smartphone application development faster. React Native additionally accompanies the ‘live reload’ feature which enables you to instantly observe the result of an update that you have made to the code.

The intuitive and measured interface of React Native makes it less demanding for other developers to plunge into other projects and expand upon it. It improves the flexibility of a development team and makes it effortless to create ‘truly native’ applications.

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