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Jun 2014

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Onpage optimization is quite necessary aspect of SEO. Before you start implementing changes on your website, you will have to pass through a painstaking process of onpage audit. Though it is quite complex to perform an onpage SEO audit on your own, an arranged list of necessary checks can help you a lot in defining the impactive trajectory for your SEO plan. It all starts with your website itself.

Working at Smartinfosys for ground breaking SEO audits, I have learnt very brilliant ways to assess a website. So without wasting a minute, here’s your onPage SEO checklist. You can refer this for performing a comprehensive audit. I have also listed all helpful resources here which will help you go through the process without any hassle, if you are a novice in SEO.

Onpage Optimization: The Ultimate SEO Checklist With Instant Solutions

Crawling / Indexing





  • 2. Do you have a custom 404 error page that redirects user to other page on your site?
    • Yes: Your customers love your care!
    • No: Create an interesting web-page pointing to homepage or other inner page of your site & set it as your error page


      • 7. Are alt texts used properly for keyword targeting?
      • 10. Does your site use different types of content like images, videos, texts, PDFs etc for better engage-ability?
        • Yes: You are clever content creator
        • No: Diversify content. It will help your website gain better user engagement and in turn better search rankings.
      • 11. Do irrelevant external links include “nofollow” ?
        • Yes: You did it seriously
        • No: Make irrelevant external links “nofollow”


    • 1. Is your content valuable enough to be share-able?
      • Yes: You are a step ahead than most others
      • No: Write in-depth, researched content with supporting formats that is useful as well as share-able for your users


    • 2. Does it takes more than 4 clicks to reach any URL on your website?
      • Yes: Reduce the page depth
      • No: No issue
    • 3. Are your URLs lengthier than 100 characters?
      • Yes: Try to reduce URL length to 100
      • No: It’s okay
  • 4. Do the URLs describe the page and contain keywords?
    • Yes: Alright
    • No: Make URLs more descriptive and relevant using keywords


    • 1. Is your meta description length between 75 to 160 characters?
      • Yes: No action required
      • No: You need to keep it between 75 to 160 characters
  • 2. Is your meta title length less than 70 characters?
    • Yes: Perfect!
    • No: You need to trim it to 70.

That’s it. All you need to perform a good on page SEO audit is done. However, if you want to make it best- not just god- hire a professional SEO who knows it all to the roots and has being doing it since years. So good luck with your on page optimization.

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