Role Of A SEO Copywriter

Oct 2017

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Good quality content is appreciated everywhere. Not only the businesses need content to drive traffic to their sites but they also have to please the Google God to give them top rankings and all this can happen with a good content. For writing quality content there is a need of copy writers who can generate original content by weaving and channelizing their thoughts around the topic in question.

Role Of A SEO Copywriter

SEO Copywriting Has Two Major Purposes:

1.Keep The Readers Engrossed

content should be informative, relevant, enlightening and resourceful to keep readers enticed and make them revisit.

2. Cater To Higher Rankings

Google needs to see the content written in a certain way to understand what the page is about. Understanding how to make this happen and convincing search engine spiders will help the content “to compete” with other pages for top spot rankings.

This is where SEO copywriting best practices come into play. And gives birth to need for copywriters. SEO copy writing is presenting or writing search engine friendly content that is wrapped around key words. SEO copywriters knows the pattern of research of keywords and skillfully incorporates those keywords within the page copy in an appropriate way.

People always want to link to a well written page offering a good quality content. This becomes the primary premise for hiring or working with copy writers, the content needs to be fit and flow smoothly as readers need clarity and not key words riddled copy of the organization.

Now, comes the main question- What Is The Role Of Copywriters?

  • Social media writer- An SEO copywriter may create content for blogs, Facebook posts and tweets

  • Sales copy- An SEO copywriter may create sales and informational copy for Websites, writing content that helps people take action and buy the product or service offered.

  • SEO copywriter has to determine which key words or phrases will attract the most traffic

  • Copy writer’s responsibility is to weave in keywords within the copy from a sales and conversions perspective.

  • Their skilled writing helps visitors to make a strong decision regarding whether going to another page in the site or buying the product or requesting more information.

  • Copywriters need to work in conjunction with a whole team of programmers, web designers, social media strategists.

In short SEO copywriting is a specialized form of online writing that:

  • Contains key phrases — words your target reader types into a search box to find the information they want.

  • Helps online content rank higher in search results.

  • Drives qualified traffic.

  • Ultimately leading to more sales conversion rate.

SEO copywriting is a clever and powerful form of webpage marketing that, if strategized correctly, drives a lot of traffic to the website in question as search engine robots do not consider “websites” but consider the “web pages” of those websites.

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