Speed is Paramount in WordPress Websites – Choose the Right WordPress Design, Plugins and Hosting

Oct 2018

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WordPress is one of the most used web development tools in the market. And today we will explore some of the few reasons why WordPress is all you really need when building a website, fast, clean, innovative and highly eye-catching in every aspect regarding the almost endless options it offers about web design.

Speed is paramount in WordPress Websites - Choose the Right WordPress Design, Plugins and Hosting

With WordPress time can be reduced and money can be saved although as we mentioned previously we will be exploring the core concept of what WordPress really means to most developers out there who want to save time when building a site for their clients.

First of all, we think it’s very crucial to fully understand what a CMS really is before getting any deeper into the benefits that WordPress can provide us.

From Blogger, Typepad, Joomla, Drupal, through Tumblr, to much more current platforms such as Medium, Ghost, and Ello, many content managers have strived to be the most popular and used in the world, they have bet on minimalist interfaces, with very easy-to-use editors, they have tried to give it their “twitter” touch, working as social networks, platforms that despite all this effort have not managed to penetrate the mainstream in the way that WordPress, the content manager that has been in force since its inception almost twelve years ago and supports such prominent media as TechCrunch, Spotify, TheRollingStones, The Huffington Post, CNN and NBC Sports.

  • It’s open source
    WordPress is free, you can download it, install it and modify it without paying. If you want some more pro features, you can pay, but with what it offers you at the beginning you can do a great job. You can use it to create any website, you can take the source code and modify it at your whim.

  • WordPress is easy to learn and use
    Millions of cows cannot be wrong when eating grass! WordPress is used by millions of people every day, and also every day adds many more people.
    Most people who use WordPress are neither designers nor programmers. Everyone knows that you can start using WordPress without any previous knowledge of website design or programming languages.

    Among all the CMS available in the WordPress market, it turns out to be the ideal candidate because there are thousands of free templates to choose from and you can give your site the look you want: “There is a WordPress theme for each one or for each project class “.

    WordPress themes are easy to customize since they have a huge amount of options that allow you to change colors, upload a logo, change your background, create beautiful galleries, and do many other cool things without having to write a single line of code.

    Currently, there are more than 2600 themes and 31,000 free WordPress plugins, you can download, install and use them on any website.

  • Supports different formats
    WordPress not only helps you write your great ideas, but you can also embed YouTube videos, Instagram photos, tweets, and Soundcloud audios, just by pasting the link in the post. Or find any plugin that will help you add any functionality to your site.

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