Steps For Designing An Impactful Logo For Your Business

Jan 2018

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Logo designing is one of the most important aspects of Graphics Designing. Every business needs a logo that becomes its identity and differentiates itself from others. People have tendency to remember Logo more than names. If a business logo is attractive, it will have a long term impact on brand identity, company service quality and advantage over competitors.

However, there are certain things that are very essential that help in creating an impactful logo for your business.

Steps for designing an impactful logo for your business

  • Brand Understanding: A logo represents your business goals and clearly depicts a lot to your customers. Try to look at your brand from the viewpoint of customers and what you can do to stand apart. To design your company logo, it is essential to understand the company requirements and targeted users. A research of brands of similar business can prove to be highly useful in trying to create a logo for your company.
  • Creative Brainstorming: A perfect logo can be created when there is creativity incorporated. You want to create a logo that is different, meaningful and appealing. By being unique, you can build an a separate identity from your competitors and will be distinguished by your customers easily.
  • Colour Options: Picking out colours for your business logo can be the most tricky part. The colours you chose should not be similar to any of your brand competitor’s logo. Make sure that you have logo colour options for a light background as well as a dark background. Create different logo samples with different colours before finalizing.
  • Choose a font: A font choice can say a lot about your business. Use of a lot of different fonts in a single design should be avoided. Custom fonts can be created if needed. On the other hand, do not use generic fonts as they may not work in your favour and fail to make an impact.
  • Include Brand Name: In order to make a notable Logo design, create a logo from your brand name as it becomes easily recognisable. New companies should include the brand name as it will help customers memorize the name. Many companies like Nike started out by adding company name in logo and later or changed logo.
  • Simple and Flexible: It is important that your company logo is not very easy to understand or else your customer won’t want to spend more time asserting it. The logo must be simple and flexible to be able to grab brand visibility. Designing a simple logo design can be highly sensible and will future proof your brand.
  • Size: The logo should be clear and distinct in its size. A logo will be used for many purposes like in letterheads, promotional purpose, envelopes, t-shirts, etc. Thus it should be of a size that fits all and does not lose its meaning when scaled down. The logo should look good in all formats.

Creating the most effective logo for your brand isn’t easy. It is better to brainstorm on some ideas to narrow down on the best logo that goes with the company image and values. Do proper planning and strategically follow all the above steps. With the above points in mind, you will be able to create a successful logo for your business.

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