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Website Architecture: 5 Ideal Practices For SEO

Feb 2019

Posted by: Category:Search Engine Optimization

Prior to the commencement of website development by a website designing company, certain things have to be in place. One of such things is the website architecture.

Website Architecture 5 Ideal Practices for SEO

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8 Points To Take Care Of While Designing SEO Friendly Website

Jul 2018

Posted by: Category:Web Design & Development

Acquiring maximum conversions from a website is the end goal of every website owner. One of the largest traffic source till date for any website is organic search. Laying the groundwork to achieve top rank in search results is the way to go. Yet many business owners fail to realize that SEO is an integral part of the entire website design process and only consider it as an afterthought.

8 Points to Take Care of While Designing SEO Friendly Website

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