The 17 Biggest Small Business Website Blunders

Jul 2017

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If you are a small business owner and you’ve decided to get a website for your small business, you might want to know the biggest website blunders that you should avoid to experience peace of mind:

The 17 Biggest Small Business Website Blunders

  • Not understanding how your small business website contributes to your bottom line and your strategy.

  • Believing that website development has to be a rocket science.

  • Using private proprietary platform rather than WordPress.

  • Waiting to write website content until your design was delivered.

  • Paying for the services and features you do not need.

  • Focusing too much on website traffic rather than conversions.

  • Not having your own plan to promote your site before it is done.

  • Ineffective call to action. If you want to get sales and drive more traffic to your website, you should work on your call to action. When creating one, think of your possible customers.

  • Not including links of your different social media accounts. You have to remember that social media sites play a huge role in increasing your small business exposure.

  • Not using videos for explaining services or products. Videos are a fun way of entertaining your customers while browsing your small business website.

  • Using outdate content. Your content must be updated at all times. In this way, you can be assured that your readers will keep coming back to read your new blogs.

  • Having no IT person designated for your website. If you still don’t know how e-commerce works, hire an IT professional.

  • Your branding is not clear. Ensure that your brand does not confuse your prospects or make them think that you are mediocre at anything.

  • Clumsy options for your contact. You must have simple contact forms so that your customers won’t get crazy.

  • There are no credibility elements. Some small businesses may be unknown quantities. If you want to earn credibility, you should use elements that will impress your customers like reviews or testimonials.

  • Having poor SEO structure. You have to remember that SEO is everything in online industry. If your SEO is poor, expect to get no results.

  • Not mobile-friendly. Majority of websites today are already mobile-friendly and that is for a good reason. Many people use mobile devices to browse online and they like websites that adapt to the interface of their mobile devices. With this, it provides them convenience to browse for the things they want to look for in your website.

There are other mistakes that you should avoid when building your website. Fortunately, there are particular fixes you may use to resolve your problems and to drive more traffic to your website. Just remember that whatever niche you’re in, see to it that your small business website is professional looking, well-designed, optimized, and mobile-friendly. You can hire a reliable expert to revise or upgrade your website. There are several designers and developers you can hire in the market. However, it is wise to look around first to find the best one for your needs.

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