The Most Important Elements To Include In Your Website Footer

Jul 2016

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Designing your footer is as important as designing other elements of your website. The header might be the the first thing that visitors notice on your website but footer too is equally significant. While designing the website, footer is one aspect which is usually neglected. This practice is not good as it may lead to less popularity of your website among visitors. Do not overload your website’s footer with disclaimers and copyright as it can be used for various other purposes too. Businesses have to look at footer differently and give users every opportunity to get various useful information and links.

The Most Important Elements To Include In Your Website Footer

The footer can be used to add more functionality, good construction and design so that visitors can be easily convinced. The footer should be designed properly as many visitors will scroll down the website for contact details. Various social media links, special offers, featured products, blogs links, etc can be displayed in the footer. Listed below are the most important elements which should be included in footer for better results.

1. Proper Subscription Button

If your business wants to reach out to maximum customers, subscription option can be really helpful. Different visitors can subscribe for various services offered to receive information for the same. While offering the option to sign-up, make sure that the space, structure and design are well placed. The more appealing your footer would be, more inclined will be the visitors to click on it. Attractive and interesting footers is a useful way to grab more attention from the visitors.

2. Easy Navigation Links

Easy navigation links will improve the user-experience. Since the visitors will like your website design, they will become your regular visitors. The two most important links for any website’s footer are the “About Us” and “Contact” page. There are websites which include even “Blog” link in their footer. The “Portfolio” link can also be included in the footer of the website. You can include 3-4 important navigation links in your footer depending on your business strategy.

3. Integrate Social Media Icons

Personalize the social media icons by creating them from the scratch to make them more appealing. The downloaded general social buttons should not be used as they fail to bring the relevant impact. The personalized social buttons will attract more visitors who will connect with your business. With specially designed social media icons you can make your visitors realize that you care for their feedbacks and suggestions.

4. Effective Calls To Action

If you are showcasing some special offers, products or contest, proper call to actions buttons should be used. The attractive CTA buttons will steer the users to click it and get the information in detail. The more appealing your CTA button will be better it will for conversion. Proper spacing should be given for call to action as it can make it more effective. Use the CTA buttons to transform your website’s footer design and add more personality to the design of your website.

The design and other elements of footer should be duly considered before finalizing it. The footer on your website tells your users about your design standards and navigation throughout the website. The footer should be designed according to the need and requirements of the website. Not all footers require equal space and not all footers should have the same design, place them according to your web design strategy.

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