The Top 25 Benefits Of Having A WordPress Website

Aug 2017

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Since its launch way back in 2003, WordPress quickly rose to become the world’s most in demand content management system. If you are not using a WordPress website today, below are the top benefits that you can reap to enjoy when you choose to make the switch.

The Top 25 Benefits Of Having A WordPress Website

1. It’s Free

From bloggers to owners of a new online business, everyone can use WordPress for free without a need to spend a single dollar.

2. Flexibility

WordPress is flexible and versatile that makes it ideal for ecommerce sites and personal blogs alike.

3. Powerful

Right out of the box, WordPress can be used right away after installation.

4. Search Engine Friendly

WordPress’ framework is very easy to crawl, making it preferable even by search engines.

5. Customizable

You can customize your WordPress site with the use of thousands of themes and plugins.

6. Secure And Safe

WordPress is very strict when it comes to ensuring the security of all its users.

7. Easy To Use

One of the biggest perks of WordPress websites is that this is user friendly and easy to use.

8. Hosts Multimedia

You can improve user experience with the use of audio or video files, and images.

9. Plenty Of Support

WordPress is backed by unprecedented support where you can raise your concerns and questions through WordPress Forums.

10. Mobile Friendly

WordPress websites can be viewed with ease even by those people who are using smartphones and tablets.

11. Easy To Manage

You will get notifications from WordPress when there are updates for plugins and themes.

12. Integration

WordPress easily integrates with several powerful platforms to give you an extra boost.

13. Not Just A Blog

Aside from being a good blogging platform, you can use WordPress as a website itself.

14. Save More Money

Being user friendly and open source, you don’t have to hire others to maintain and launch your site.

15. Establish A Community

Form a community with the use of WordPress through sharing and communicating with others.

16. Different E-commerce Solutions

Use different e-commerce solutions to convert your site to a one stop digital shop.

17. Choose Any Hosting Provider

WordPress can work with pretty much all servers.

18. Enjoy Fresh Looking Website

Choose from the free themes available to give a fresh appeal to your site.

19. Schedule Posts

You can schedule your posts before time.

20. Use Membership Service

To have a loyal fan base, convert your WordPress site to a full-fledged membership website.

21. Multiuser Capacity

WordPress lets you assign different roles for different people.

22. Publish Content With A Single Click

You can publish your articles or posts right away with no time wasted.

23. Add Testimonials

Add testimonials to your website to engage more potential customers.

24. Universal Platform

You can expect to make the most out of WordPress’ universal platform.

25. It Keeps Getting Better

You can be sure that WordPress will continue to get better in the next few years to further enhance the overall user experience.

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