Things You Should Consider Before Using Flat Web Design

Mar 2016

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Flat web design trend has emerged during the last few years and has taken the world by a storm. The trio of typography, bright colors and flat interface has gained much momentum and popularity. Flat design has this unique feature of focussing on its content while emphasizing more on its usability. Since corporate giants like Microsoft and Apple have implemented it, it has become favourite of many small and big business houses.

Things You Should Consider Before Using Flat Web Design

Although the concept of flat design is more than a trend now, there are designers who are still unaware about the crux of it. There are certain basic principles which have to be followed in order to design a flat web design with greater user experience.

1. Keep A Minimalistic Design

Keep the visual appearance of your website minimalistic. The very basis of a flat web design is its simplistic design. As against skeuomorphic design which is known for attractive UI elements, 3D effects and animation, flat design is very simple in every aspect. Flat web design integrates simple UI elements with vivid color patterns to create an impressive UI design.

2. Go For Simple UI

While designing flat web design, designers should go for simple UI elements. They can go for simple shapes such as circle, rectangle, square, etc. There is no rule for picking up the shape, the only point that should be kept in mind is that the flow of your actions should be consistent. Designers should ensure smooth performance of the flat web design for the users.

3. Pick Proper Typography & Color

Picking up the right typography and combination of colors will make your website engaging for your visitors. Dark shadows and gradients are not a part of flat design and should be avoided. Use bold and vibrant colors for better performance of your design. Since your typography will add a tone to your design, use various typefaces to enhance the overall look of the website.

4. No Need For Depth

With the 2D illustrations, the era of depth web design has come to an end. There is no need now to go for depth web design as it will have lesser or no significant effect on the users. The absence of strong UI elements like strokes and drop shadows, designers now have the liberty to simplify things. Simplification of images and objects will create real world visual effects.

5. Present Your Visual Hierarchy

Flat web design gives a visual hierarchy to the visitors which appeals them to like your website. Due to lack of gradients and shadows, there is no difference between various UI elements. Designers can use different font sizes and colors to make clickable items separate from the rest of the page. Natural flow of content and color-combination can give visual hierarchy.

While going for a flat web design, the most important thing that you should consider is its “usability”. Ask yourself about the utility of this kind of website for your business. Though flat design is in trend now, make sure your user really need it before creating one.

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